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I’m sure everyone is familiar with Aloe Vera. Very famous for all its wonderful properties Aloe Vera is probably consumed by everyone in some form or the other. If you like to know more about its health benefits you can look them up here

This is yet another treasure from my garden. A fantastic way to consume them is in coolers. Simply take 2 Aloe Vera leaves, and peel the green skin off. They are very slimy and slippery, so be careful they don’t slip out of your hand. Wash the translucent flesh under running water and then cut them in little cubes. Put then in a saucepan and top it with water, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and boil them for 10 mins. The cubes will absorb the sweetness and are now ready to add to any drink. You can add them to fresh fruit juices, fruity drinks, fizzy drinks, non- alcoholic beers, cold teas, cocktails, mocktails, jelly desserts, fruit salads, anything your heart desires. Bringing a crunch to every sip, aloe vera in a drink really adds a new dimension to summer coolers. And its healthy too !

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And for the “Pay It Forward” …. not long ago Sara of Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy had selected me to Pay It Forward and sent me this wonderful parcel from Italy.

I dont really know who started this , but i know its been travelling around the world. Helene from Tartlette paid it to Sara and she paid it to me, and now i will pay it forward to someone else, hopefully nominate a person who leaves a comment on this post. The idea is to spread some blogger love around. To send local food items/ingredients to bloggers from another nation.Since i am currently in India, i will send some lovely Indian food ingredients to the lucky winner. So good luck, and i cant wait to see who is going to be the winner.
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Comment : (Arundathi)

my 2 year old daughter got a scar on her knee and i just kept putting aloe to soothe it, and the scar completely disappeared. I’ve used it on burns and scrapes since, and it almost always takes away any scars! it’s amazing! (Robin)

Hey Kate! lovely drinks… I never had aloe juice but I want to try.

Also, I can’t find your email on the site but wanted to ask if you would mind if I posted your pics (with links to your site) on my new blog,

Let me know, my email is foodporndaily (at) gmail (dot) com.

-Robin (Helene)

What a great thing that Paying It Forward. First time I read about it. Love your picture. Looks so summer. (Anonymous)

Hello Kate: I am a new reader, I really enjoy visiting your blog. Your photographs are all very beautiful. May I ask what kind of camera do you use to take these shots? Thank you for the beautiful site. (Kate / Kajal)

Nina , another wonder plant from SA is hoodia. Now thats a miracle plant too, and its a big craze world wide. Let me know if you know someone who grows it in large quantities and want to see it.

Dhanggit …lol …we keep our fingers crossed. my mail is

Aaron, i still havent tried it unsweetened, but i will now. and as for the package …lets see your yor lady luch is smiling on you :p

Heather …hahaha …i try my best πŸ™‚

Beachlover, maybe you can make your granny one of these drinks n see if she likes it.

Zita, then you too should put up your jelo recipe. it’ll be fun.

Robin, you should try it atleast once to see how it is. And i’l mail you regarding the pictures.

Helene , yes i love the pay it forward …its a wonderful concept.

Anonymous , thank you for dropping by.i use a canon 400D. (Neha)

A bit late on the multilayered Chocolate Birthday Cake…It looks positively YUMMMMMMYYYYYY….when are you going to bake me a birthday cake?? I know you had a good day and a phone that got drunk πŸ™‚ (Mansi Desai)

boy! who would’ve dreamed you could have such lovely drinks with aloe!! they look beat K, and with all the goodness packed in Aloe, these should be a great way to get some good into the body!

get sme mangoes for me from India yaar!! I am so missing them:) (Kate / Kajal)

Neha … maybe next march :p
lol …

Mansi ..u wont believe i just bought myself the best Alphonso mangoes on sale ! The first of the season for me, i’m even lucky i found some, as the monsoons are in full swing here. (Michelle H)

I never knew that could be done with Aloe Vera. I thought it helped a sun burn and that was it. My husband just planted an Aloe Vera plant and I can’t wait till it gets a little bigger to try this.

Hope the monsoons don’t get too out of hand, we should start with them here soon. (Sarah)

beautiful pictures, as always. looks yummy! (Rose&Thorn)

I spent the weekend at a nature reserve in the Southern Cape (South Africa), the aloes are in full bloom now. I took some photo’s, you can view them on my blog. Never had aloe juice before, but definitely want to try this. (Rose&Thorn)

Hi, I’ve just done the MEME questions and would like to tag you! (mycookinghut)

I Love Aloe Vera drink.. so refreshing…. I wish I could take one of the glasses you have in your photo!! πŸ™‚ (White On Rice Couple)

Oh what fun! I love prizes!
That aloe vera from your garden is so healthy and beautiful! I love the inspiration for this awesome cooler, Kate! Brilliant! (Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet)

what a fun event. will you throw in some Ghana things in the package as well?

Also, I only learned about the benefits of aloe (beyond skin soothing) when I lived in costa rica. These coolers seem like a great idea. (Jim Gerl)


I just voted for your blog for Bloggers Choice Awards.

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SpEdLaw2 (daphne)

hey! FinallY! the time to read some of your posts that I have missed. Cooling aloe vera drink sounds lovely on a summery day. and that parcel? u lucky girl! (Amber)

Ok this may be a little long but…my maternal Grandmother was Persian and Grandfather was Assyrian, and it sounds like you are Persian so that makes us sort of half cousins because everyone seems to be Auntie or Uncle to me. Anyways I am quite envious of your travels. It is something I wish I had done, and one of my daughters, Brittany who is 22, wants to travel and work or go to school. How are you and your husband accomplishing this and do you have any suggestions for her? I don’t want my children to miss out on life and just exist. Your site is interesting because it is constantly changing to a new culture, people and their foods and your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I have only begun a blog, quite by accident, and have no idea what I am doing but this is a step I need to do to go forward. Your post about how you knew so little when you started was inspiring. I am older so the idea of a blog was not even something I imagined until I started reading others. If you want, check mine at
but please remember it is really new and I do not yet know how to post photos. I must learn by Sunday the 29th because I joined “Daring Bakers”. So much fun. Thanks for reading my comment. Any ideas for my daughter are appreciated. Be blessed.
Amber (Snowmagnolias)

This is the first time I’ve visited your site, and you’ve won me over.

How I long for one of those drinks with aloe right now. I have a burn on my hand from a bonfire, so even creating this drink would be a healthy healing activity!

I’ve always had store-bought aloe drinks/desserts as a child since it’s a classic treat in my Chinese family, but it’s refreshing to know how simple it can be to prepare them ourselves! I shall definitely try this one out sometime! (Zen Chef)

Spread some blogger love ME, ME, ME!! πŸ™‚
Do you accept bribes?

– foot massage?
– money?
– Chopard bracelet?..kiddiiing! πŸ™‚

Thank you for demystifying Aloe Vera. I didn’t know how to prepare it. I will try it next time i find some. (Cinnamonda)

For me aloe vera is familiar only from shampoos and moisturizers, so thank you for educating me a little! πŸ™‚

Tiina (eliza)

that reminds of nata de coco, chewy and always eaten as a drink. i remember one other thing to use with aloe vera. in indonesia, we slice aloe vera in half, lengthwise, and smear it over our hair to get thick and healthy hair! πŸ™‚ (Snowmagnolias)

I had been browsing the web for a list of the ten most effective plants for removing formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon dioxide (Indoor air pollution) thanks to my page-a-day calendar. I came upon the Aloe Vera plant, and was surprised to find it labeled as poisonous. But don’t worry! Only certain parts of it (like many plants, ie rhubarb, almonds etc).

Supposedly the yellow fluid (which in your recipe, is washed out) is a potential irritant, and the ingestion of the juices can cause a purging digestive reaction. The actual gel (the jelly part) is the only part one should use. I hope that sensitive individuals find this warning helpful! (ces)

omg! i’m so sorry to hear that! and glad too that you are doing ok now:) wow, i should go get me-garden an aloe plant asap! i have had a little accident just like yours a couple of years back, cooking oil splattered on my right thigh! but just a teeny bit maybe compared to yours! i can just imagine the pain! sadly though the scar is still there, slowly fading but too slow! 2 summers went by already! and no swimming for me:( did your doctor give you prescriptions for the scar too:)? let me know!haha! hey, i have something for you girl!…as soon as i find your email address… (ces)

oops! can’t find your email add:( i just subscribed to your blog, maybe you can email me so i can email you back? or just use my gmail account cesanciano… (Anonymous)

Hey Kate,
Just the perfect kind of beverage on hot summer days. My mom has a healthy bush right outside the house on the sidewalk. She uses it as a facial product. Wait till I share this with her.

Lee (Pinky)

My mom was a big user of aloe on burn and cuts when we were kids, and she would eat it as well. The taste of the fresh leaves was always too bitter, so I’m intrigued by this sweetening up idea. I’ll have to try it out next time I’m home (she has MANY aloe plants in the house)

I have been a aloe vera fanatic for last 2 years and I have benefited so much that i can never finish talking about it.
I cured from acne, skin irritations which I am thankful for the most today.
Thanks for such a wonderful article on my favorite thing in the world.

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