Mango Chutney

Its different from the usual desserts i make, but its still a sweet post 🙂 On my recent trip to Mumbai i had the opportunity to taste and get the recipe of this 150 yrs old traditional mango chutney. Made by my hubby’s grand mum, this recipe has been with the family for ages. Its usually made in India in the beginning of summer, when the mangoes are raw and abundant. I have however tried this in Africa at the end of the season, and yet achieved amazing results. So let it not stop you either. Go for whatever raw mangoes you can get your hands on. As long as they are green outside, and very firm to touch, white or pale yellow , it should work. So without further adieu the recipe …..

Mango Chutney spices
IngredientsStart with boiling the water and sugar in a big saucepan. As the sugar melts, add the milk and let it boil for 15 mins. This is done to remove all the impurities and dirt from the sugar. All the scum and filth will rise to the top. Skim it off with a strainer, and continue to skim if the dirt arises. Now add the mango cubes and boil for about 30- 40 mins, stirring occasionally on medium to fast fire till the mangoes are almost soft and the sugar syrup has thickened in consistency. I choose to keep it a bit runny and not to thick as it would be too sweet for me. But you can always make it thick as per your liking. Now add all the other spices and further boil for 10 mins . Add salt to taste and the vinegar too. At this time you may need to taste it a few more times till you have balanced the sweetness with the salt n vinegar. The vinegar is just to cut through all the sugar. Cool to room temperature and save it in an airtight bottle. Do not refrigerate, as it will totally mess up the texture and taste!
And you know what goes best with it … some hot curry n a pot of rice 🙂

* 1 kg cubed mango pieces, skin removed
* 1 kg granulated sugar
* 2 litres water
* 1/4th cup milk
* 4-5 bayleaves
* 2-3 cinnamon sticks
* 4-5 pods cardamon
* 1 tablespoon whole black pepper
* 1 tablespoon Cumin seeds
* 1 tablespoon black onion seeds( Kalaunji)
* 2-3 cloves of garlic sliced
* 4 whole red chillis ( the spicy variety)
* 1 tablespoon chilli flakes
* 1 and 1/2 tablespoon vinegar
* salt to taste

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Comment : (Anh)

Hi Kate, how are you? Love this recipe! I may use frozen mango for now for this since I love mango chutney! (Kate / Kajal)

Hi anh , long time 🙂 i’m good n hope you are too. and yeah the frozen stuff should be just fine ! (Peter G)

Hey Kate…finally I have a decent mango chutney recipe! Yippee!…can’t wait to try it (although it will be in a few months)..hope all is well. (Mango Power Girl)

Yummy! that looks great, I want to eat with a paratha NOW! I’ve been dying to make pickles but haven’t found raw mango…you want to send me some from YOUR TREE! :-p (Christina)

stumbled upon your blog today and absolutely love it! will be trying many of your recipes soon, keep up the good work! (Kate / Kajal)

Peter … yay …finally you have one nice recipe 😛 ..haha , well make sure you let me know if you ever try it out !

Mo …darling i knew i’d tempt you with my mango chutney … i’m making parathas tomo …Monday na…veggie day …so c’mon over.

Christina …thanks so much, hope to see you around often. Cheers ! (Lydia (The Perfect Pantry))

My husband is a huge fan of mango chutney. I’m going to pass this recipe on to him! (glamah16)

Now this looks scrumptious. Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe. (Aimée)

Beautiful recipe, Kate. it would be an ideal contribution to my preserve swap this fall. Coming to Montreal anytime soon? 🙂 (Stardust)

Hi babe, this looks amazing, sadly, I can’t lay hands on the ingredients mentioned. Great sharing anyway and I love the picts! (Swati: Sugarcraft India)

Hey Kate, now you are teasing so many of us with that big jar of the chutney!!
I make it similarly though without the garlic..
How I wish I could have access to that jar..wink! wink!! (Manggy)

Ah, it has to be a *green* mango! I never knew! You know, mangoes are our national fruit but I’ve never actually tasted a mango chutney! Thanks for this recipe! 🙂 (Shreya)

Amazing chutney! We usually make mango chutney with coconut, and grind it like other chutneys! So this recipe was a pleasant surprise. Thanks:-) (Rosa's Yummy Yums)

A wonderful idea! Very flavorful and interesting! It looks delicious!


Rosa (daphne)

oh kate! that looks beautiful! i love a good mango chutney. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Will keep it in file.. in the event that I need it! (Passionate baker...& beyond)

This looks fab…just as I posted a green mango cooler! Now am off to buy green magoes for this wonderful chutney. Read an article somewhere where they grill pitted peaches with a sweet/sour chutney in the hollow. Goes great with grilled main dishes etc. I’ve bookmarked this & am now eyeing the plum cake below…ooooooooooh!! It’s divine too! (Susan from Food Blogga)

I’m a bit of chutney-aholic. So I can’t wait to try this one out! And that second pic is a stunner! (Shantanu)

Mango chutneys are quite popular in Bengali cuisine too during the summers; we even make the tomato chutney which more-or-less has the same set of ingredients. (Shantanu)

Mango chutneys are quite popular in Bengali cuisine too during the summers; we even make the tomato chutney which more-or-less has the same set of ingredients. (Deborah)

What a great recipe! I’m so glad you shared! (Janna)

Beautiful pictures! (Homesick Texan)

Oh yum! While there are a ton of ingredients, the method doesn’t sound too difficult–I can’t wait to try this! (Mike of Mike's Table)

This is a great looking chutney! My wife is a big fan of mango pickle and the like served with buttermilk and rice…I’m sure she’d love if I made a jar of this for her (Kate / Kajal)

Lydia , pls do 😛

Glamah are most welcome !

aimee, how i wish i was comming there , would love to swap chutney for your awesome jams !

Stardust …aww sorry … should i send some for you 🙂

Swati, gralic tastes really nice in there, try it out sometime !

Manggy , i think its indias national fruit too. N yeah the chutneys and pickles are always of the raw *green* ones 🙂 Wish you could taste some of this 🙂

Shreya , hey i’ve not tried that version. U should put it up.

Rosa, thanks … it is 🙂

daphne , gr8 !!

passionate Baker , ooh i love green mango coolers … lets do a exchange 🙂

Susan … thanks, and let me know when u try it out, cant wait for some real feedback !

Shantanu … this is a traditional Sindhi recipe, and i think they so the tomato version too … !

Deborah .. 😀

Janna , thnx

Homesick Texan , u saw that didnt you … its very simple !

Mike … hahaha she will reward you in more ways than you can imagine … ! Make sure you make her a jar ! (RK)

Ooh, you’ve got me wanting to run home to mom for some dal (lentils), bhat (rice) and mango chutney.

Garlic is an essential ingredient my Bengali family recipe too.

Btw, love the pictures on your blog!
Rashda (Homecooked)

Wow, this looks so good! My mother in law makes ‘chunda’ every year. Is your recipe similar to that? (Salt & Turmeric)

Kate, im pretty sure i have all or almost all of the ingredients mentioned. maybe i shud try give it a shot.

did u mean tht i cant refrigerate it? how long can it remain good outside? (una donna dolce)

This looks great! I’ve been using some of your fabulous ingredients and came up with a prize pack to pay it forward. See what I’ve been up to here: (Proud Italian Cook)

Oh, your chutney looks nice and spicy Kate just the way I like it!
Gorgeous photo’s!! (Dhanggit)

hi kate, this is glorious..i love mango usual your photo make me drool (tastymealsathome)

fantastic pictures! (Aimee Nour)

Hello! I am from Malaysia and have been looking for a mango chutney recipe and I am glad I found your blog! I will definitely try this as soon as possible. It’s mango season now here in Malaysia and I have plenty to choose from!I am currently writing a food blog on Asian food,especially Malay cuisine.Can visit me at (Ana)

Hi Kate, it’s Ana again.

Manggo chutney.. I think I tried the ones in the jar that they sell in the Indian stores or Halaal store here. I have to say it tasted a little artificial (the ones in the jar). I have never tried fresh ones like yours..

Perhaps you can send some here.. 😀
:D. Oh, ohkaay.. oh kaay. I suppose I can try making them myself.

About the aloe vera, just get the gel part inside (fresh ones), and apply to the root of the hair, best the night before you take a shower. If not, a couple of hours before (it kind of stink after it dries on the hair). Shampoo.. and that’s it. It’s benefit is to make the hair thicker and healthier.. shinier.. all the good stuff. 😀 (Pete)

Hi Kate, Thks for the recipe. I love mango chutney. (Sylvia)

I love mango chutney’s but I never found a trusty recipe until now. Looks fabulous, Kate, as usuall (Snowmagnolias)

What a great recipe! All the mangos I see here in China are ripe, and there’s such a limited supply of western spices(Bay leaves?). I’m going to run a little food class for my English students on Tuesday, and I might introduce them to your blog and mine! Hopefully I can gather a few stove less but sanitary recipes so we can make a meal! I need to let them know that Western cooking is not restrained to just hamburgers and hot dogs. I see you are a traveler! And quite so! Thanks for visiting my blog on and off! I love having you as part of my humble audience :-D. (White On Rice Couple)

This has gotta be one of the prettiest chutneys I’ve ever seen. Yes, I agree about the hot curry and rice! Yum! (maybelles parents)

hey, this is one of my grandmothers specialties and my dad’s fav. your looks very yummy. (Meeta)

mango chutney is such comfort food. it works so well with so many dishes adds. like adding sunshine to your dish. love this kate! (TBC)

Oh my! I can imagine how good this tastes- an explosion of flavors in the mouth.:D (Alisha)


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Sounds great… I just bought ready mango chutney and it is delicious so I want to try make it myself and by chance first thing I see in your archives is this delicious chutney 🙂

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