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Ma’moul is a beautiful Middle Eastern cookie. Made from Semolina and stuffed with dates, its hard not to like it.Traditionally they are made in wooden stamp molds a lot like the Chinese mooncakes and are available with different fillings of dates and nuts. I bought some from a Lebanese supermarket the other day, and realized how much i loved them and had to make my own. Obviously as usual, like every creative cook, i had to give it my twist 🙂 Also i did not have the molds and rolled them with hand instead.They turned out a bit different than i expected, but I’m guessing that’s cuz its homemade and not made on an commercial level. Also recipes differ from person to person, but i quite loved these.

  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 cups semolina
  • 230 gms butter
  • 1/4 th cup sugar
  • 1/4 th tsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp orange blossom water
  • 1/4th cup water
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 1/2 cups pitted dates
  • 100 gms unsalted pistachios

Start with mixing the dry ingredients i.e the flour, semolina, salt, baking powder together. In another bowl, cream the butter n sugar together till light n creamy. Slowly fold in the dry mixture and then lightly knead in with the orange blossom water and the normal water. Dont be afraid the water is not too much, the semolina will soak it all up. Cover and keep aside for 30 mins. In the meantime chop the dates with a heavy cleaver and mash it all together making a paste. Now roll them in elongated rolls, and keep it ready to stuff the cookies. Chop the pistachios roughly and spread them on a plate. To make the cookies simple take a decent amt in you hand, roll and ball and push in the date filling and cover it with the cookie dough, roll in the pistachios and put it on your silicon baking sheet. Bake for 15 mins at 180C . Remove and cool completely, and try not to eat them while they are still warm , as you may feel a little disappointed. They taste better a few hrs after baking. I would’ve loved to tell you how many this portion makes, but I’ve lost count, i ate far too many and by the time i finished baking i packed the rest off to my mum in law … after taking these pictures ofcourse :)!

Ma'amul 2
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Comment : (Manggy)

I’ve never seen or heard of these before but they look very rich and delicious– no wonder you wanted to make your own. I feel the same way with a lot of the foods I’ve grown up with 🙂 (Peter G)

Beautiful Kate!…I have all the ingredients at home so I may give these a go. I may “Greekify” them and dust them with icing sugar…the pics are just beautiful too! (Kate / Kajal)

Peter … haha feel free to do whatever you please with these … as long as they taste gr8, gr8 creations were discovered like this.

Manggy, Ma’amuls dont really look like these, this is my variation, but they taste just like this. I always feel …that if you try the same recipe at home and at an commercial level, you will still see a vast difference between the 2. (Ben)

Interesting cookies, and they are so pretty! If I ever come across them I’ll make sure to try them. (Elra)

I like to modified recipes as well. I think it makes cooking more interesting and fun! Even if I fail measurably.

I like the sounding these “Ma’amul” sounds so exotic! Seems pretty easy to make! (Dwiana P)

this is the fist time I hear about ma’amul. It sounds very interesting though. love the setting on your foodie photograph too. (Zita)

Ah, you brought it to your MIL, for me, my MIL used make these, if you send me email with you post adres, I’ll send you the mold 😉

Yours look twistly super delicious 🙂 (Mango Power Girl)

Kajal – I never hear of these before, but they are beautiful and you know me…I love anything with dates & nuts 🙂 The shots are lovely & soft. By the way, I have all the ingredients to make these, so I might make them next! (glamah16)

Funny, I just ourchased a moon cake mold. No wonder everyone likes this cookie, its so exoctic and flavorful! (Kate / Kajal)

Elra, yes it always does. Nothing like adding your personal touch.

Dwiana , thanks.

Zita …ooh yay …how sweet of you. I’m so excited.Will mail you right away.

Mohini, well i’m glad i showed you something new today. Hope u like them.

Glamah16, oh then you must try these. Let me know how they turn out. (Kevin)

Those ma’amul look and sound really good! (Rosa's Yummy Yums)

Those Ma’amul looks beautiful and so gorgeous! Those refined tasting cookies must be wonderful with a cup of tea!


Rosa (Antonio Tahhan)

I LOVE these cookies, Kate! I grew up eating them, but I haven’t had them in the longest time (actually, since I left home for college). Your post brought back good memories 🙂
I want to send you the traditional mold that is used to make these cookies. But props on your improv skills b/c the cookies look amazing! Also, if you have a Middle Eastern store near by, one of the ingredients that is traditionally found in these cookies is called Mahlab
Awesome post! (Clumbsy Cookie)

These babies are not only beautiful but with those ingredients I’m sure they are so tasty. When I first saw the picture I thought it was chocolate in the middle! I think I would really love these! (Kate / Kajal)

Kevin, thnx

Rosa, they do infact 🙂

Antonio, this must be my lucky day ! I’m so happy this could bring back to you some wonderful moments of your life.Mahlab i will surly chk out. Thanks so much 😀 Weee … i’m getting new molds :p

Clumsy Cookie, actually not a bad idea, should try it out sometime with chocolate 😀 (Passionate About Baking)

Cookies never ceases to amaze me…at this moment, I wish I were your MIL!! I’m very intrigued with the ingredients…looks like quite the perfect marriage here. Sadly, have reached the bottom of my bag of pistachios, my favourite nut. Shall def try these one day…Cheers girl! (hownowbrowncow)


Found your blog through “Best Food Blogs for 2008” nomination site.

Your creations are truly inspirational; I’m vegan but I can veganize darn near anything and I will be making these beauties for sure.

Keep on doing what you’re doing; you’re incredibly talented, can use almost any global ingredient, beat the pants off of any other blogger in terms of presentation, and I hope you can open up your own restaurant someday. 🙂 Because I will go!

Another Kate (cakebrain)

I’ve never heard of or seen these before. I’m so intrigued and want a taste because it looks fantastic! Your pics look delish! (Tom Aarons)

What a beautiful piece of food styling and photography. It makes these look like the most delicious thing ever! (Anna)

I’m going to try making these, they sound awesome. And I love the pictures; gorgeous as always.
~ Anna (Lydia (The Perfect Pantry))

I have a small collection (maybe a dozen) of ma’amoul molds that I’ve bought at various Middle Eastern markets, to form the cookies into star shapes with intricate designs. (Swati)

Cokies, could’nt get more delicious..These are the best that I have ever seen..Really!! (Maya)

I have seem the molds around in middle eastern stores here. Dates AND pistachios – very nice! (Kate / Kajal)

Passionate abt Baking , hahaha you’d be a very lucky woman if you’d be my MIL :p

Kate, what can i say , you’ve left me speechless with your wonderful comment. I’m smiling so big right now, it almost hurts ! Yes i do dream that someday i will have my own restaurant and cookbook, God willing it shall happen soon. And its amazing how you can almost veganize anything. now thats real talent. I fumble sometimes if i have vegan friends over.Even though i’m brought up in a completely vegetarian family. But i only learnt to cook after i got married and hubby is a hardcore carnivore !:)
Thank you so much for taking the time out to come visit and make my day 😀

Cakebrain, they are really delicious, not because i made them , but b’cuz they really are :p

Tom, thanks so much 🙂

Anna, thank You !!!

Lydia, you doo ?!?! Have you made them and posted them ??? Gimme a link if you have, would love to see how the real stuff is done.

Swati, really ?? aww how sweet, come over for tea, and i’ll make you an extra box full to take home 🙂

Maya , and where abouts would that be ?:) (Mike of Mike's Table)

This is entirely new to me, but those look awesome! I always learn something new from you, and this looks like a hell of a treat (Dhi)

Hi Kate, luv your blog, photos are beautifully taken too. Have been enjoying them so much 😀

I’m quite familiar with ma’moul, used to have them quite often when living in the middle east a while ago. Awesome shots you have there!

Perhaps you might be interested to join foodie photo contest this August. Have a look here for more details:

There’re some prizes for the lucky winners as well 😉

Cheers (Emiline)

These are lovely little cookies!

WHY haven’t I visited your blog before?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! (Emiline)

These are lovely little cookies!

WHY haven’t I visited your blog before?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! (avesta)

My mother made many variations of these cookies growing up (I’m Kurdish)….and I ate these kinds of cookies everyday with tea while doing the journalist thing in Lebanon….cookies and tea with milk in it…. mmmmmmm…. there’s truly nothing better! (Tartelette)

You would make my grandma proud, she loved to make these for us! Love it! (Mochachocolata Rita)

our company always receives middle eastern treats from our customers, and i loveee the nutty snacks, especially the salty n sour pistachios

i still need to learn how to appreciate dates though… (daphne)

gorgeous looking cookies. Love the dates in it as well. can I hv one? (Beachlover)

you always have the most unique and extra ordinary posting!! love it!! (homecooked)

These look so beautiful! The recipe seems very simple. I will try this out one of these days 🙂 (Kate / Kajal)

Mike, thanks so much, its always a pleasure to share something new.

Dhi, thanks 🙂 These cookies are so addicting right ?

About the contest i cant promise, but i’ll see what i can do .

Emiline, thanks, …well atleast now you have. I did have a very quite week end, thanks, hope yours was good too.

Helen, oh how sweet ! i miss my grandma, lost her while i was still very young.

Rita , oh how lucky …n how can you not like date …c’mon give it a chance.

Daphne, no you cant … !!! u can have 2 🙂

Beachlover , thnx so much 🙂

Homecooked , if you do , let me know how it goes. (Andreea)

these look delicious. such an interesting dessert i never heard of 🙂 (Kate / Kajal)

Avesta, how nice !, i would love to see all you mums variations ! Pls ask her for me. pls ! I agree there is truly nothing better 🙂

Andreea , thanks 🙂 they are cookies. (Susan from Food Blogga)

Hi Kate!
These are absolutely lovely. Dates rank as one of my all time favorite foods, and when they’re peeking out from a pistachio studded cookie, I could just swoon! Tell me, did you use fresh or dried dates? Does it matter? Thanks. (Kate / Kajal)

Hey Susan, i absolutely adore dates too. i used the dried ones here as they are at their sweetest.And also soft so you can mash them up without too much effort. If you are using the fresh ones, you might have to boil them with a bit of butter n sugar till they get soft and then cool and roll them into balls. You could try whatever please you … its your cookies 🙂 Make your own rules ! (Kristen)

Such an interesting cookie! Your photos are brilliant! (Yasmeen)

Your photography is amazing kate.
I must try these mamoul home-made style,even i don’t have any mamoul molds. (Deborah)

What gorgeous cookies!! And I’m so impressed that you tried to recreate them without a mold – you are amazing1 (bee)

hands down my fav cookie. you can try making them with chinese mooncake moulds if you don’t have the mamoul moulds. gorgeous pics. (Kate / Kajal)

Kristen , thnx

Yasmeen, i think they taste just as fine without the molds.

Deborah , thanks, imagine if i had let that stop me … 🙂

Bee, actually after this post, i have some blogger friends who are sending me the molds. So i’m quite excited:) (Annemarie)

they are hard not to love – and the orange blossom water makes them beautiful to just sit and sniff at as well. 🙂 (matt wright)

blimey. These look unbelievably good. I just love the photography here too – what a great play with colour – the warm yellows of the biscuit against the cool blues. I love the blue table surface.

Great job with both the food and photography (Stardust)

Date cookies are so new to me! =) They look really tempting with the way you made them! I’m sure that they taste delicious!

As usual, your photographs blow me away… (Proud Italian Cook)

I would have to pack some of these up too, I wouldn’t know when to stop! A most delicious combination of flavor, and your photos show me just how good it tastes! (eliza)

those look incredibly delicious! i’ve never tasted one before so i could only imagine and drools 🙂 (tigerfish)

Thanks for introducing this new cookie to me! Another lesson learnt today! 😀

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