Shahi Tukda A

Today is a great day to celebrate. After more than two hundred years of British rule, India , after a great struggle, won backs its freedom on 15th August, 1947 and that my friends was 61 yrs ago.
As i awoke this morning i realized how much i was missing being in India, as mum used to always make us wonderful traditional feasts with some really fancy sweets to celebrate today. Being in a far away land and all nostalgic, i couldn’t help but get up n try to recreate the magic. Now getting up last minute does have its advantages and no time to go shopping, and considering the ingredients on hand, i opted for ” Shahi Tukda ” – directly translated to Royal Bite/Piece. Its basically fried bread soaked in rich Rabri. Rabri is milk with dry fruits boiled for hours together until its all evaporated and thick. And besides I’ve seen that almost everybody has a bread dessert in their culture, so what better time to show off mine 🙂

Shahi Tukda B

I remember making Rabri used to be such a big deal at home. It was dad’s specialty, but he used to make me slog my ass off on it n take all the credit it. He’d put a giant pot of milk to boil over the gas and have me sit right in front as it required constant stirring – FOR HOURS !!! n i absolutely hate milk, n I’d be like dad … i need to go play, its my play time, i don’t want to sit n stir this, n he would be like, every girl should know how to work patiently in the kitchen, playing will not help you in the future, your skills in the kitchen will !! I would sit there with a swollen face stirring that damn Rabri … and the best part was i didn’t even like it back then ! Ha ha, see how times change, and i do thank my dad for all that he taught me, he would be so happy to see this today. But honestly i cant stand for hours together to make it, so I’m doing a cheats version, just as good as the real thing :p


  • 200 ml sweetened condensed milk
  • 200 ml milk ( i used semi skimmed as that’s what was available, you could use whole )
  • 100 ml cream
  • handful of pistachios and almonds slivers
  • 2-3 pods cardamon
  • few strands of saffron
  • 4 slices of bread – used brown … at least something should be healthy in here 🙂
  • 1 tbsp ghee

In a pot mix the crushed cardamon seeds, milk and condensed milk and boil it for about 10 mins. Add a few strands of saffron, slivered almonds and pistachios reserving some to garnish. When its reduced and thick remove from gas, and cool. Beat the cream lightly to thicken in a bit, but not to much and fold it in the milk mixture. Set aside. Cut the corners of the slice bread and cut it diagonally, leaving with you with triangles. In a frying pan, put the ghee and toast the slices of bread till they are crisp n well browned. Now soak these in the Rabri and leave in the fridge to chill. When ready to serve, place the slices of bread on the plate, pour over the Rabri and garnish with the remaining dry fruits.

Shahi Tukda C
And i’m entering this dish for Mona’s Hydrabadi Cuisine Event @ her blog Zaiqa , afterall this dessert originated from Hydrabad !
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Comment : (Manggy)

Beautiful! Thanks for doing the cheat-y version, I was beginning to dread the instruction that would say, stir for 3 hours, lol 🙂 (Although I suppose a slow cooker would also work well 🙂 (Dwiana's kitchen)

Happy Independent day! It is so close with ours on 17 August. Are you interested to join with this foodie photography just for fun in order to celebrate our independent?

Red and white is on your picture:) if it is okay just simply repost the picture you want to submit with the logo of the event. (Kate / Kajal)

manggy ..haha trust me if i had to stir for 3 hrs i wouldn’t be doing it either !

Dwiana’s yeah i know, we all got free from the Brits about the same time 🙂
i’ll surly enter the contest. (Passionate About Baking)

Oooh happy I Day to you.I just posted an Independence Day main course & reached here just in time for dessert! I used to love this when I was young, & I've fallen in love with yours! Stirred up memories of endless stirring of days gone by…how true & nostalgic it feels! Have a great day K! (Rosa's Yummy Yums)

A great day! Happy Independence Day!

That dessert looks de-li-cious! Flavorful and yummy!


Rosa (Mansi Desai)

I made Kesar Badam burfi today:) your shahi tokda looks awesome! I could trade it for my burfi:)

Happy Independence day to you too K!:) (Kate / Kajal)

Passionate about baking, wish you the same girl 🙂 off to see your main course !

Rosa ..thanks 😀

Mansi, wow i want some, lets trade right now 🙂 Wish you a happy I day too . (Mike of Mike's Table)

I am seeing some awesome looking Indian food today (and learning of so many new dishes). This looks spectacular! (mycookinghut)

This dish looks so elegant! I have never tried this before!! (Peter G)

A history lesson and a recipe as well! What a bonus! The textures and flavours sound very interesting Kate. thanks for offering us the quick version! (Mango Power Girl)

What a beautiful dish! Beta have you learnt anything from stirring all the milk? 😉 I never liked rabri & still don't, but this is a great twist. I keep seeing all these western bread pudding recipes….finally, an Indian one!

I am eating Gajar Halwa 🙂
Jai Hind! (Bharti)

Hi Kajal
I visited your blog many months ago and never found my way back.I’m so happy to have found it again! I just wanted to say what you make is amazing and I love reading about your experiences are living in Ghana! (daphne)

ooo.. Food is amazing with its meaning and I always appreciate when someone explains to me the reason behind a particular dish. I’m glad u didnt hv to stir for hours for this dish and still manage to make it look (and i’m sure taste) amazing. (Bethany)

As ever just beautiful! My lebanese aunts always make maamoul! I love your twist on it 🙂 BTW I gave you the tree of happiness award. Please check out my website for more info! (Kate / Kajal)

Mike, yah with I day, all us Indian Bloggers are busy bringin out our traditional dishes.

mycooinghut, you should now:)

Peter, haha aways good to know the story behind things rite ;p

Mohini , dadi, haan i learnt a very big lesson … i learnt how to cheat !!hahahaha … salli ekli ekli …even i want halwa !

Bharti, well i’m glsd you found it too :)Thanks so much.

Daphne , me too, i love to know the story behind everything… well almost everythin 🙂

Bethany, thanks ! i’ll hop right over 🙂 (Antonio Tahhan)

Kate! ?? ?? ? ???? ????
That’s so cool that you’re learning Arabic 🙂 What I wrote translates to, “May every year find you all in happiness”
Also, I was so excited to comment yesterday when I first read this post, but then my internet went out – no joke 🙁
I actually had lunch at an Indian restaurant yesterday and had this very same dish (yours looks much prettier though, of course). The one I had was made with round pieces of bread and it looked more like it was in a yogurt type sauce … but I definitely tasted the cardamom, which I loved!! (eliza)

i've eaten similar dish in an indian restaurant, but yours looks (& taste, indeed) much better! happy independence day to your beloved country! (Sophie)

This looks and sounds gorgeous (quite rich but lovely as a treat !). You mention dry fruits – any ideas what kind of fruits would go well, or be added traditionally? (Maya)

Kate :

Thanks for the cheat version! It looks all so sinful! (Kate / Kajal)

Tony, my fear friend, thanks for putting the meaning in there, as i can only read not translate, but inshallah with time i will 🙂
I’m guessing what you ate was Ras malai, its a bit different. Someday i’ll feature that too. A bit complex, but yes incredibly yummy ! Sice you are fond of Indian food, you have an open invitation to my place, whenever you’re in Ghana.

Eliza, thanks 🙂 they generally are not so generous with the nuts and saffron :p

Sophie, yeah its quite rich !!! Use any dry fruits you please, whatever your heart says 🙂 usually they just use nuts as that kinda goes with the extra sweet rabri.

Maya, haha i know ! (Snooky doodle)


gorgeous! and i love the indian inspired font you use ^_^

this inspires me to grab a tin of saffron from citisuper… (Shubhada/ Shubhi/ SJ)

hi kajal,
lovely post! i can imagine d shahi tukda melting in my mouth!
btw, my mom made Puran-Poli (a maharashtrian sweet preparation) for Independence day.. ymm ymm! (Stardust)

Sorry, I’m sort of late, but Happy Independence Day, India! Kate, you make your nation proud by preserving the tradition, and good taste! The regular bread dipped in milk is nothing compared to your precious recipe. Your dad must all swelled up with pride when he sees you now. But of course, we’ll keep mum with the shortcut. =P Good work! (Zita)

Aww…it looks so pretty Kate, mid-east have the similar “Um Ali”,

btw I got you the mold alresy, still finding the time to go to the post office, soon I hope 🙂 (Kitchen Flavours)

Wow the pic is gr8 and mouth watering. Happy Independence Day to You. (Kate / Kajal)

snooky doodle, i guess it is :0

Rita, its cool is’nt it ! i love it too. n citysuper is my fav place to shop, though now i also like 360, have you been there, they have it in the mall at Kowloon Station- Elements, and at Festival Walk.

SJ , ooh i love puran -poli, my mum always maes them the day before holi, when they burn holika !

Stardust, oh yah pls lets not dad know i cheated !!! or he’ll start his lessons n lectures on patience is a virtue n …. hahaha

Zita, you should post um-ali ! i know almost everyone has a traditional bread dessert, and i want to know more abt all of them. Thanks for taking the trouble for the molds. Much appreciated 😀

Kitchen Flavours, thank you 😀 (bee)

happy independence day, kate. (Proud Italian Cook)

Happy Independent Day Kate! This dish would be a joy to eat especially with all the flavors you have in there. (maybelles parents)

Indeed. Hurray for Independence Day! (Nora B.)

Hi Kate,

Condensed milk + cardamom + pistachios = heavenly!!!

need I say more…?

Nora (cakebrain)

Oh this is such a gorgeous dish! I know I’d love it because of the condensed milk. Mmm. (Tom Aarons)

Happy Independence Day and the rabri looks like a wonderfully rich and luxurious way to celebrate it. Glad you didn’t have to stir for three hours! (Kate / Kajal)

Bee … thnx.

PIC , i sure was.

Maybelles parents, hurray !

Nora .. :p hehe can u imagine … yum!

cakebrain, condensed milk is quite favourite isn’t it.

Tom, thnx, i’m sure glad i didn’t have to stir too :p (Alejandra)

Oh wow…this looks soooo good. (Homecooked)

Hmmm….yummy! This is my favourite and the first sweet dish I learnt to make 🙂 (mr.sound and mrs.sound)

Happy celebrating your countries 61st Independence Day! (Salt N Turmeric)

yup, my previous comment is missing so im gonna write again.

Happy Independence Day! Did you know that besides India, Spore, Indonesia and Malaysia also have their independence day in Aug. Malaysian is of course the last one on Aug 31. (Stephanie)

Would it be possible to substitute soy or rice milk in this recipe? I would like to make a vegan version, but I’m not sure it would taste quite the same. (Yasmeen)

Belated Happy Independence day Kate.
Pictures are delicious as always. (Kate / Kajal)

alejandra , thnx 🙂

homecooked ..its so easy is’nt it !?!

Mr n Mrs sound , thank you ~~!

salt n turmeric … thats cuz the British left this part of the world at around the same time.

Stephanie , actually i’ve never tried it, though it should be good, if you like soy, then you’ll love it anyways .

Yasmeen, thank you so much 🙂 (Mona)

Kajal, your dessert looks too delectable. You can send it to RCI:Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine Event that I am hosting this month on my blog if you wish. Your pictures are amazing like always. (glamah16)

Cute story. Thanks fr the condensed recipe. It looks yummy. (Kate / Kajal)

Mona, thnx i will love to send it for your event.

Glamah16 … 😀 thnx (Kevin)

That looks so good! Nice photos! (Anonymous)

Hey Kate,
Your blog is so damn good. Wonderful eye catching photos and recipes. And I love your write-ups. I don’t believe that you don’t have any formal training in baking. Your cakes are so professional… Keep up the good work. Love it…

save to my Bookmarks 😉

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