Breakfast bake

So what do you do when you are home alone, n hubby’s away on a business trip for 2 days ?? …. just spend quality time with yourself ? get that manicure u’ve needed ? call some girlfriends over? or rather hit the town with the ladies? watch a movie, read a book ? …
Well after work, i did watch a movie n got some time to read a book, and i also managed to annoy the hell out of a very dear friend … (hope I’m forgiven) … but what i was most happy to do was cook some vegetarian food !!!! My darling hubby is a hardcore carnivore … needs meat 3 times a day … n sometimes that can really get to you. So when i woke up yesterday i thought, no sausages, no burgers, so salami , no eggs … I’ll have something cheesy. And hence this lovely breakfast bake. Too much effort for one person … hell no ! I enjoy cooking for myself.


1 roasted red pepper, sliced into long strips
1/4 th of a beaten egg
4 heaped tbsps ricotta cheese
3 heaped tbsps Parmesan– the real stuff- grated
salt n pepper to taste
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 a lemon – juice squeezed

You need a muffin tray to begin with …yaya i know mine don’t look anything like its been baked in a tray – but my tray was too shallow, and i ended up with a flat looking cheese melt. So there i have an excuse :p . So grease 3 tins, as this portion makes only 3 and is enough for only one person. Lay the strips of roasted pepper at the bottom and around the cup. Now mix the cheeses n egg+ salt n pepper. Fill the cups with it pressing the mixture down and packing it well. Throw some more grated Parmesan on top so when it bakes it looks pretty n crusty. Bake at 180C for about 20 mins. Cut around the sizes and giggle it out of the mold. Plate up, drizzle the olive oil, lemon juice+ salt n pepper dressing. Top it up with a dollop of pesto. Ready to eat !

Breakfast Pastries
Breakfast Pastries 2
And this was my breakfast today … some sweet pastries. Can do just about anything with puff pastry. Here I’ve made different kinds – apple, cinnamon n brown sugar pastry, lime marmalade, raspberry n peach puffs. Just roll out the pastry, cut out your favourite shape, then make a light cut along the inside of the shape, so that your corners rise up. Put your filling- you can use anything you have at hand – even jam will do. Give it an eggwash, dust some icing sugar and bake them till they are well coloured.
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Comment : (Kevin)

That roasted red pepper tower looks and sounds so good! (Swati)

Kate you’ve got some style and appeal!!
Love your posts!! (Kate / Kajal)

tigerfish . haha … well atleast sometimes ?:)

Kevin , thanks

Swati .. hehe would trade it for your edible purse :p (pea & pear)

Oh both breakfasts look delicious. It is always really nice to spoil yourself if hubby goes away. and sometimes that means cooking what ever you like!! Next time my hubby goes away, you can come and cook me what ever you like 🙂
Ali (Srivalli)

Kate, you have a beautiful first time here and really enjoying your pictures…just looking at your breakfast makes one full..lovely ones!.. (Kitchen Flavours)

Mout watering. Awesome photos. (Kate / Kajal)

Ali, …or rather next time your hubby goes away, you come n join me :p

Srivalli, thanks for visiting, i’m glad you like my work.

Kitchen Flavours … thanks ! (Beachlover)

what a lovely breakfast you make!!.I wake up late everyday so I eat my lunch as breakfast,but not as nice as yours:) (M&Ms...)

So simple, so delicious and love the way the photo tempts me! Thanks for these simple lovely ideas! (Steed Z)

Wow! I love Italian cheeses. I tried this and was pleased by how tasty it was! Thank you! (Aimée)

Whew, those pastries look way too good. We need a breakfast date. When is your husband out of town again? You’re not afraid of little children, are you? (Kate / Kajal)

Beachlover, … haha actually ever since ramadan, i'm waking up late too, no breakfast -no lunch !

M&amp , thanks

SteedZ … oh thats wonderful !!! i'm so happy it turned out nice.

Aimee … bring 'em on, i love kids ! (Helene)

I’m with you on this one, when my husband is away I’m back in the kitchen preparing myself good vegetarian meals. He can’t live without meat. (Melanie)

I love vegetarian food–sometimes all raw food-like salads or smoothies–peanut punch–banana milkshakes–yum (chuck)

OMG, it all looks delicious! Can you email my wife and tell her I want that Baked Ricotta, parmesan and roasted red peppers with pesto for breakfast on Sunday lol. Looks great!



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Nice post u have here 😀 Added to my RSS reader


wow! those pastries look so pretty. I’m a huge fan of all things breakfast!! I can’t resist!

Absolutely! Make a great breakfast for one. I do the same when my wife is gone though I tend to less elaborate-looking items (though just as delicious)” brioche, butter croissant or anise biscotti. With a good coffee? They are unbeatable (to me).

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look lovely as always!! my hubby is meat eater too that what I told him!! every meal must comes with meat!! if I serve him salad he told me he not a rabbit!I only cook vegetable for myself and daughter

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