Breakfast bake

So what do you do when you are home alone, n hubby’s away on a business trip for 2 days ?? …. just spend quality time with yourself ? get that manicure u’ve needed ? call some girlfriends over? or rather hit the town with the ladies? watch a movie, read a book ? …
Well after work, i did watch a movie n got some time to read a book, and i also managed to annoy the hell out of a very dear friend … (hope I’m forgiven) … but what i was most happy to do was cook some vegetarian food !!!! My darling hubby is a hardcore carnivore … needs meat 3 times a day … n sometimes that can really get to you. So when i woke up yesterday i thought, no sausages, no burgers, so salami , no eggs … I’ll have something cheesy. And hence this lovely breakfast bake. Too much effort for one person … hell no ! I enjoy cooking for myself.


1 roasted red pepper, sliced into long strips
1/4 th of a beaten egg
4 heaped tbsps ricotta cheese
3 heaped tbsps Parmesan– the real stuff- grated
salt n pepper to taste
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 a lemon – juice squeezed

You need a muffin tray to begin with …yaya i know mine don’t look anything like its been baked in a tray – but my tray was too shallow, and i ended up with a flat looking cheese melt. So there i have an excuse :p . So grease 3 tins, as this portion makes only 3 and is enough for only one person. Lay the strips of roasted pepper at the bottom and around the cup. Now mix the cheeses n egg+ salt n pepper. Fill the cups with it pressing the mixture down and packing it well. Throw some more grated Parmesan on top so when it bakes it looks pretty n crusty. Bake at 180C for about 20 mins. Cut around the sizes and giggle it out of the mold. Plate up, drizzle the olive oil, lemon juice+ salt n pepper dressing. Top it up with a dollop of pesto. Ready to eat !

Breakfast Pastries
Breakfast Pastries 2
And this was my breakfast today … some sweet pastries. Can do just about anything with puff pastry. Here I’ve made different kinds – apple, cinnamon n brown sugar pastry, lime marmalade, raspberry n peach puffs. Just roll out the pastry, cut out your favourite shape, then make a light cut along the inside of the shape, so that your corners rise up. Put your filling- you can use anything you have at hand – even jam will do. Give it an eggwash, dust some icing sugar and bake them till they are well coloured.
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Comment : (Mango Power Girl)

Breakfast of the champions 🙂 looks so yummy…I had to go to lunch immediately after I saw the peppers! Pastry shots are beautiful & they look so good…too bad you had to enjoy it all alone ;P (Peter G)

Great breakfast idea Kate…nice to enjoy some solitude and cook up a feast for yourself. I also love the pastry idea a lot. (Kate / Kajal)

Mohini … indeed breakfast of the champions ! Really felt guilty all that alone :p

Peter, its easy isn’t it ? (maybelle's mom)

i love a savory breakfast. looks great. (Manggy)

I don’t know what you’re giving excuses for… That looks beyond decadent. I can’t believe how rich your breakfasts are! I don’t even eat breakfast! 😀 (Antonio Tahhan)

I think I’m going to take a cooking day tomorrow since my plans got cancelled last minute… and there’s nothing like setting a good tone for the day with a delicious breakfast 🙂 (cakebrain)

Your first pic just seems to hover in the air…it’s so cool! You eat pretty well when you’re alone! What a great way to treat yourself! (Stardust)

The ricotta drives me crazy!!! Everything looks so GOOD! You may like to convince your carnivore hubby some day. 😉 (Passionate About Baking)

How scrumptious K…I think you could do with some herbivorous company like me; & I am pretty annoying too…so we can munch & annoy each other! Ooooooooh yummy; that tower looks great & just my kinda stuff in it. Can I make it sans egg? The pastry is really cool…shapes are such fun! Is there a recipe there…or did I miss it while I was drooling? xoxo Deeba (mycookinghut)

Breakfast looks great and the ricotta looks absolutely elegant and yummy!! I love the photo very much! (Kate / Kajal)

maybelle’s mom, i have my days, sometimes sweet sometimes savoury.

Manggy, haha thnx but they’re supposed alteast look vaguely like a small cup. N well i never ate breakfast either until i got married …hubby’s big on a proper breakfast 🙂

Tony, oh i’m so sorry, hope u do reschedule n go though. would like to see what you’re makin:)

cakebrain …aww thnx 🙂 and yeah i do eat well, irrespective of whether i’m alone or not !

Stardust , i’ve tried …still no luck !

Deepa .. haha that would be lovely. Eggs are ok …there is a wee bit inside also rite 😛 The recipe for the pastries is a no brainer, i’ve written abt it in the last para. But if u need more details, pls let me know i’ll mail ’em to you. (Rachel)

If I was alone at home..I would just gorge on that bounty all by myself…… (Yasmeen)

Lovely shots kate. Your idea of breakfast in solitude is very creatively delicious. (Meeta)

It sometimes is quite good when the hubbies are away. I too enjoy cooking and photographing. Looks simply delicious! (bibliochef)

Ok, I confess: when I am on my own, I never eat this well. In fact, cooking for me is often about others and not myself. This may inspire me to new heights of cooking for one! Thanks.And I love teh site. (Kate / Kajal)

Mycookinghut, thnx , i adore ricotta too.

Rachel .. 🙂 aren’t we all such hogs !

Yasmeen , thanks, it fun sometimes.

Meeta .. i know ! i was home alone after almost a year, n could’nt help but feel all excited – just like Macaulay Culkin ..haha only i ended up cookin n takin pictures instead and chatting up friends on facebook.

bibilochef, i hope it does inspire you, i admit i dont always do this for myself … its all on the mood u see :p (Rosa's Yummy Yums)

Heavenly! That’s what I call breakfast! That recipe sound really good!


Rosa (eliza)

i guess when you’re alone, you’re getting triple creative with the time on your hands? 🙂
i love the danish pastries you made, they’re my kind of breakfast! (Lydia (The Perfect Pantry))

I’m pretty lazy when I eat breakfast alone (which is all during the week; only on weekends is my husband around for breakfast). Cheese, bread, eggs, cereal. You’re right, though; it’s easy enough to cook, and we’re worth it! (Alexa)

My kind of dish. I love the layers and all the ingredients sound so wonderful. (Sylvia)

Your breakfast is for a queen.Sometimes is good to be alone.
by the way, my hubby is carnivorous too, but I patiently started to teach him about the pleasures of the vegetarian life.Without overdo it (Kate / Kajal)

Rosa, thanks ! that was a good breakfast 🙂

eliza haha i guess with all the free time the mind does tend to work overtime.

Lydia , oh … only weekend .. u must be always looking forward to those.

Alexa, thnx so much 🙂

Sylvia … trust me i’m trying too … one step at a time :p Men can be so difficult sometimes ! (Megan Cole)

Hi Kate!

I love your blog! I started reading it about a week ago. I am a self taught chef too. I cook mostly for my friends and family, and love trying new recipes. I have a food and cooking blog and would love your feedback if you ever have time. By the way, the pictures of your creations are beautiful.

Megan (johannabrannanlowe)

Did you eat breakfast in bed? Given that thought, you shall have crumbs galore between the sheets – how delightful!
Wonderful post, as always.

Johanna. (Yasmeen)

dear kate,
I have a well deserving award waiting for you at my blog. please do check it out. (Valentina)

What a lovely breakfast – well, both days really.. (Mochachocolata Rita)

sometimes a girl needs a me, myself and i time, aye?

that looks like a mighty breakfast! 🙂

have you ever tried hong kong char chan teng’s breakfast combos? (glamah16)

I know what you mean. My boyfriend travels a lot so I use the time for me and to catch up on my veggies. If he had his way we would sausages and noodles all day long. Those pastries look fantastic! (Oakley Rhodes)

I live with friends but we rarely cook together, so I often am cooking for one. I love that I can eat whatever I want whenever I want, but I miss cooking for a family or a boyfriend. It’s nice to read up on people for whom my lifestyle is a treat, it helps get the glamor back! (Proud Italian Cook)

Kate,I would love to be alone and eat a breakfast like this! Ricotta is a dear friend of mine. This looks wonderful! (daphne)

what a great way to start the day-even without your hubs! =)

Love the layering and the sweets! (Piggy)

Beautiful! I love the breakfast pastry, it’s simple and yet looks so yummy. (Tom Aarons)

I think I’d be happy alone if I had any of that for breakfast! Yum! (Patricia Scarpin)

Well, this is MY kind of breakfast! Let me know if you need help with any extras… 😉 (Snooky doodle)

these look nice and great photos. Sometimes its good to spend some time with yourself. I enjoy it 🙂 (Lubna)

Gawd Kate…that looks so mouth watering and hogging it all alone, I envy you!!! (Midsummerprism)

Lovely! Cooking for ones self is so romantic! (Great Restaurants In Tempe)

The whole world of pastries has been out of reach to me since I’m allergic to nuts. Great recipe!

jz (Shantanu)

That’s a hearty power breakfast! I am in Vienna now, and they love their pastries and sweets. (Big Boys Oven)

what an awesome breakfast! I am sure it will last me till dinner time! 🙂 (Aaron Kagan)

The cheese component look just like levivot, the Israeli fried cottage cheese cake. (Deborah)

As much as I love cooking for my husband and I, I really cherish those moments when I get to cook for just myself and make whatever I want! (Alisa)

Lovely pictures you have here Kate! and I love your recipes as well. If you love pastries,there’s a great bomboloni recipe (an italian doughnut) at one of the websites I visited, you might like to check it out!I’ll keep coming back here to see your other recipes 🙂 (Laura Kelley)

I indulge my vegetable cravings while married to a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore by allowing for Sunday to be a dining free-for-all from time to time.

This way I get my beet greens sauteed in nutmeg butter and my hubby can either join me or fend for himself. He’s a good cook, so this isn’t a problem.

Great blog! (Kate / Kajal)

Megan, oh thats nice, hope you like it here :)I’ll surly come n drop by.

Joanna, you know what ? i shouldn’t 😛 but who would bring it up for me ??? :p

Yasmeen, thanks so much, i’ll be right over to take a look.

Valentina, thnks 🙂

Rita .. oh yes she does ! n no i havent 🙁
these days i’m a lot more in Africa than in HK 🙁

Glamah16 … men and their eating habits !!

Oakley Rhodes, too much of anything is bad, sometimes being alone for too long is bad n sometimes having you family with you all the time is stressful. So the trick is to get that odd day out !!

PIC, yeah i think every woman would rite :p

Daphne..hehe ..true 🙂

Piggy, thanks

Tom, haha … thnx 🙂

Patricia … i sure will 🙂

Snooky Doodle, i know , u really need that time alone sometimes !

Lubna … haha sorry … next time i’ll save yo some !

Midsummerprism , 😀 it is !

jz , ooh ..sorry abt the allergy , but 2 thumbs up to pastries.

Shantanu ..oh wow ! u really are having fun ! (nicisme)

Looks really good! I love it when hubby is away and I get to make just what I want! (Elra)

Just came back from my vacation, still have jet-leg and your baked ricotta just might what I need right now. (Clumbsy Cookie)

Oh my! You sure know how to eat breakfast! Sometimes cooking just for ourselfs it’s such a pleasure, but sharing is much more fun! Anyway both the bake and the pastries are awesome! (Kate / Kajal)

nicisme …its fun sometimes is’nt it ?

Elra … haha come n get it …but by the time you come here you’ll be even more jet lagged !

Clumbsy Cookie … oh yeah .. we eat a very proper breakfast at home everyday ! hubby or no hubby !! (tigerfish)

Geez….I’ll spent time with myself too but I doubt I’ll make such lovely treats. The savory and the sweets…

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