This one goes out to a dear friend. The same friend, for whom exactly 12 years ago this day, i attempted to bake my very first cheesecake … the memory is still so clear in my head … i was in my sweet sixteen yrs, didn’t even know how to crack an egg well and I’d set of to accomplish a cheesecake … got together with a couple of girlfriends, one looked up a recipe, another lent me her kitchen, we got all the ingredients, made a mess of the place, chucked things at each other, got yelled at by her mom, almost burnt the cheesecake n almost dropped it on the floor while trying to get it out – n oh by the way i used square pasta dish for it! lol and what a disaster the cake was, i was so embarrassed to bring it out n serve it, my friends elder sister was so kicked by the fact that i baked, that inspite of me begging and pleading her not to, she took the warm cake and served it to all the guests in the house right away. At that point i was hoping the earth would split open n eat me up … Hahaha, it was more like a pudding rather than a cake ! But i think everyone just appreciated the effort more than the cake or whatever it was. Ah well, that was then … over the years we went different ways, … education, relationships, work, marriage, … lost touch, got involved in our own worlds. I thought I’d lost a good friend, but somehow through some force of nature we’re back in touch. And at this point nothing makes me happier. And so I’m making a special cake to celebrate both, our friendship and a Birthday! On asking what is your most favourite sweet, i was told ” Kaju Kati ” n “Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate”. Kaju Katli, is a Indian sweet made from ground Cashews and sugar syrup. Since I’d never attempted to make these before, i jumped at the opportunity to make these, realizing that this was my chance to redeem myself after the cheesecake disaster. My neighbour back in Bombay, whose house i was practically bought up in makes the best Kaju Katli’s in the world. And she was kind enough to mail me her trademark recipe. I’m telling you, after eating these , its a shame if you ever think of buying some from the store again. They turned out so good, i couldn’t believe i made them for the first time. And then to turn the traditional sweet into something more appropriate for a (mini)birthday cake, i made Cadbury Chocolate Mousse and sandwiched between two layers of Kaju Katli. So there you go, both your favourite flavours in one cake. And i promise you this, you must’ve never had a cake like this before. Happy Birthday !!!

Kaju Katli 2

And beginning Monday, its Ramadan, and i would like to wish all my readers Ramadan Mubarakh, may you have a beautiful month of fasting and may Allah answer all you prayers.

Kaju Katli 3

Kaju Katli 1

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Comment : (Snooky doodle)

these look so nice and ideal as a gift.Can I have the recipe please ! (Zita)

Ramadan Mubarak, Kate! these pics look lovely 🙂 (ces)

hey kate! thanks for dropping by…this looks really lovely your friend must be so grateful! i see you’re not putting up the header:) any probs? personally though i feel it’s too artsy for your clean page:) so it’s perfectly fine this way:) have a great week ahead kate! (Kate / Kajal)

Snooky doodle, thnx, i’ll try n get it ASAP 🙂

Zita, wish you the same dear. Thanks

ces … i think my friend is grateful:P …abt the header i’ll mail you. (Susan from Food Blogga)

The pic with the sparkler just makes me feel happy inside! (Maven)

I enjoyed this blog very much 🙂 (SweetBites)

Ramadhan Mubarak to you too, Kate. The kaju mathli looks so lovely and it is one of my favourite sweet meat. When I go to India, i’ll always buy boxes of sweet meat to take back home. I hope u’ll give us the recipe. (Shantanu)

Hmm…you even have the silver ‘warq’. Mostly never see them on home-made sweets. (Kate / Kajal)

Susan 😀

Maven, thank you

SweetBites, wish you the same 🙂 i adore this mithai too.

Shantanu, i cant remember a time when my mum would make sweets at home and not put varakh on them. I get this from here. She would never serve a plate of food that is not well garnished. She says you eat with your eyes first then with you mouth 🙂 (Deborah)

This is something that I’ve never heard of, but it does sound delicious and look so elegant! Happy birthday to your friend! (daphne)

and what an unique and meaningful cake!!! I love the added touch of a sparkle! (Maryann)

Yes, please Auntie! Give the recipe! haha
Peace to you dear Kate xox (Helene)

This is so cute. (maybelle's mom)

I always seem to get here so late. Everyone has likely said what I think. Kaju Katli makes me think of being a little child. I never ate many sweets and it would just sadden my grandmother and aunties–after all how would they fatten me up. (Kate / Kajal)

Deborah, thanks, i hope someday you get to try it.

Daphne, thanks:)

Maryann ..haha …thnx, and u too 🙂

Helene ,:D

maybelles mom .. last but still very important n dear to me:)..aww how sad … i’m sure you can now atleast have your sweets without feeling too guilty. (bee)

my fav indian sweet. vegan to boot!!! (Nazarina A)

My Aunt who lived in India for a while made this for us. It is divine and yours is too!!!! Thank you for that beautiful message about Ramadaan. I am really feeling the hunger pains right now but after I read your blessing from our Creator, I suddenly feel sustained! I just discovered your blog earlier!



Ohh I ate them once when I went to india couple of years back … God they are so so yummy .. my fave kind of barfi ever since ::))

Yours look superb too!

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