This one goes out to a dear friend. The same friend, for whom exactly 12 years ago this day, i attempted to bake my very first cheesecake … the memory is still so clear in my head … i was in my sweet sixteen yrs, didn’t even know how to crack an egg well and I’d set of to accomplish a cheesecake … got together with a couple of girlfriends, one looked up a recipe, another lent me her kitchen, we got all the ingredients, made a mess of the place, chucked things at each other, got yelled at by her mom, almost burnt the cheesecake n almost dropped it on the floor while trying to get it out – n oh by the way i used square pasta dish for it! lol and what a disaster the cake was, i was so embarrassed to bring it out n serve it, my friends elder sister was so kicked by the fact that i baked, that inspite of me begging and pleading her not to, she took the warm cake and served it to all the guests in the house right away. At that point i was hoping the earth would split open n eat me up … Hahaha, it was more like a pudding rather than a cake ! But i think everyone just appreciated the effort more than the cake or whatever it was. Ah well, that was then … over the years we went different ways, … education, relationships, work, marriage, … lost touch, got involved in our own worlds. I thought I’d lost a good friend, but somehow through some force of nature we’re back in touch. And at this point nothing makes me happier. And so I’m making a special cake to celebrate both, our friendship and a Birthday! On asking what is your most favourite sweet, i was told ” Kaju Kati ” n “Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate”. Kaju Katli, is a Indian sweet made from ground Cashews and sugar syrup. Since I’d never attempted to make these before, i jumped at the opportunity to make these, realizing that this was my chance to redeem myself after the cheesecake disaster. My neighbour back in Bombay, whose house i was practically bought up in makes the best Kaju Katli’s in the world. And she was kind enough to mail me her trademark recipe. I’m telling you, after eating these , its a shame if you ever think of buying some from the store again. They turned out so good, i couldn’t believe i made them for the first time. And then to turn the traditional sweet into something more appropriate for a (mini)birthday cake, i made Cadbury Chocolate Mousse and sandwiched between two layers of Kaju Katli. So there you go, both your favourite flavours in one cake. And i promise you this, you must’ve never had a cake like this before. Happy Birthday !!!

Kaju Katli 2

And beginning Monday, its Ramadan, and i would like to wish all my readers Ramadan Mubarakh, may you have a beautiful month of fasting and may Allah answer all you prayers.

Kaju Katli 3

Kaju Katli 1

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Comment : (Peter G)

Looks lovely Kate! Is there no recipe with this? Or have I missed something? (Mona)

Ramadhan Mubarak to you too Kate! The Kaju Kati looks heavenly. This Mithai is my sis’s fav. (Pearlsofeast)

Kate this is simply suberb and out of world, very beautifully captured.I loved the mouse. (Manggy)

Happy birthday to your friend and congratulations for reuniting! The Kaju Katli look delicious (I’ve never had one before)– is that edible silver leaf on top? How decadent! (Bharti)

What a unique cake! Love the picture of the kaju katli against the baby pink background. (Antonio Tahhan)

oh, you’ve come such a long way!!! This looks amazing and I agree with peter – I want the recipe πŸ™‚
happy birthday to your friend!! (Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy)

I loved these – since I went to several weddings in India in December, I got to taste them first-hand. And Kaju was one of those Hindi words that stuck in my head immediately πŸ™‚

yes, recipe??? (Gattina)

You’re such a sweetheart, combining all the best things in this gorgoeous treat!
And it is a very lovely post. (Rosa's Yummy Yums)

Gorgeous! Those delicate cookies/cakes look delicious! I love the silver paper decoration…

Happy Ramadan!


Rosa (Rachel)

They are so beautifully photographed…. (Helen)

ooh, how interesting! I’ve never heard of these before but I love the idea of the ground cashews. Sounds very delicious. How funny to hear about your first cheesecake too. I am sure it was the effort that counted. (Elra)

Kate dear, where is the recipe?
How could I be ashamed to buy it from the store IF I know I can’t make it!
I love Kaju you know and I only buy it from the store. What ashame! I need the recipe!!!!! Please?

Wow, what a coincident! I’ve met some of my friend when I was in Bali last week. I haven’t seen them for almost 20yrs…So, I know what you mean.

Happy Ramadhan Kate! (Maya)

Ramadhan Mubarak to you.
I have enjoyed kaju katli and would love to have the recipe. (Kate / Kajal)


Thank You all for your sweet comments. It is gr8 to be re united with a good friend. And thank u for you kind wishes. Yes that edible silver paper, we put it on all Indian sweets. The recipe i will put up shortly, need to get the post out in time, also i need a go ahead from my aunt if she is ok with me putting up her recipe πŸ™‚ you how some people feel about their secret recipes ! Please bear with me πŸ™‚

XOXO ..Kate (nLo)

Wow, you truly have an amazing blog over there. I love your photography.:))) (Clumbsy Cookie)

Kate this looks so great! I love cajus and really wish you would post the recipe! It is just so beautiful with the silver leaf! (Yasmeen)

Lovely as always kate! My hubby absolutely loves these burfi,infact the only kind he eats.
Beautiful story of friendship.
And Ramadan Mubarak to you too:) (diva)

i don’t htink i’ve ever had an Indian dessert other than lassi (but i doubt that counts) which is such a shame. i love cashews and these look so pretty!
it’s great you guys are back in touch again and the story of you baking when u were 16 was funny. i was pretty much like you – it was crazy! x (

omg….anky, it looks simply awesome n delicious….the arrangement also looks super festive….wish i could eat it!!! (Mango Power Girl)

recipe…recipe πŸ™‚ call aunty…please! these kaju katli look lovely…wow you can find varak there, that’s great! (FFichiban)

Mmm the chocolate mousse/Kaju Katli combination sounds very tasty indeed but I have never tried Kaju Katli (I want to now haha). Your photos are amazing as usual! (Lael)

what a beautiful post! I have missed frequenting your site but have been traveling and super busy this summer. Now that fall has come and school is back in session, I’ll slip back into my routine. I think we all have a baking disaster story from our beginning years (I still have them!) but that’s the only way to learn, and a great reason to laugh. (Kate / Kajal)

C Cookie, hopefully soon πŸ™‚

Yasmeen, oh really , thats nice. I think KK is infact the most popular sweet.And then Gulab Jamun.

Diva ..haha lassi is not dessert … ! its just a drink.Thanks though, if you think the story was funny, you should’ve been there !

Appy ..darling, i’ll make them for you when i come home !

Mohini … thats a tough one, but i’ll try. The varak is from bombay yaar. its imposs to get it here. I got some when i was there last, and have been saving it for the right time !

FFichiban, thanks so much.

Lael, yeah n i’ve missed seeing you around.Nice to have you back :)I would love to hear some of your baking D stories as well, its nice to share n crack up πŸ˜› (nLo)

Wow, you truly have an amazing blog over there. I love your photography.;)) (Kristen)

Holy gorgeousness! Wow!

I had to chuckle at your cheesecake story. I’m impressed that you even attempted this at 16 and I’m glad that you didn’t throw in the towel cooking wise after that! (avesta)

My signature dessert is a “baklava cheesecake” It took me years to perfect and it’s been called “a species of magic” by food critics….I think you’d love it…I will have to share the recipe…or I can just ship you one! (Kate / Kajal)

nLo … thank you so much !!

Kristen , :p yeah thank God for that !

avesta, ooh that sound gorgeous n familiar, think i stopped by your post when you had put it up, and since you are being to sweet n generous , i’d like both …ship one and send me the recipe !!! :p (hot garlic)

What a delightful blog, seriously, the gorgeous photos against the stark white! Everything here is spot-on, you are going to be a very, VERY successful blogger. Those savory Ricotta cakes sound nothing short of AMAZING. I will be trying those for sure.

You’ve come a long way on your cakes! They look absolutely stunning. Such good work. I smell a new sidebar favorite of mine…. (Salt N Turmeric)

Kate, Ramadhan Mubarak to you too. I had to google kaju katli. It sounds like suji biscuit but looks like cheesecake. Either way, the pics look tantalising. Hope your friend wont mind you sharing the recipe. πŸ˜‰

Farina (jay)

looks yummy to me πŸ™‚

Have a maLasang Pinoy Sundays to all πŸ™‚
Here’s mine: (Divya)

These look lovely… just impeccable. Great work! (Emiline)

Love these pictures! So much fun.

I happen to love cashews. I think they’re my favorite nut, but it’s hard to say. I like pecans cause I’m a good southern girl. (Mike of Mike's Table)

These look great and the photos are wonderful as always. Also, lol at the cheesecake memories… (Kate / Kajal)

hot garlic, thanks so much,thats really sweet of you to appreciate my work. i love your blog too. I think we’ll be seeing each other more often now :p

Farina, thanks … its just powdered cashews in sugar syrup with cardamom. The recipe actually is very easily available if you google it.

Jay, thnx, they are !!:p

Divya, thnx πŸ™‚

Emiline, hmm i should try making these with pecans now …

Mike …:P thnx ! (Annemarie)

Happy birthday to you and your friend, too. Very pretty little sweet treats you’ve made. Hope you have a good ramadan yourself. (Sujatha)

My first time here, Kajal.. And I absolutely fell in love with your blog! Gorgeous recipes and mind-blowing pictures… keep it going πŸ™‚

Kaju Katli looks divine.. (Sig)

Those are gorgeous! Now you have to convince your aunty to share the recipe… (Proud Italian Cook)

I’m hoping your Aunt will give you permission to post the recipe for us, so beautiful! What type of pan did you make this in? Not the triangle ones, the other one. (Swati)

The kaju katli looks perfect and so does your cake.. Would love to have the recipe for the kaju katli … Saying “pretty please” to your aunt……. (Cakebrain)

Gorgeous pics! I just love birthdays. I’ve never had this Indian sweet before. It looks intriguing! (Stardust)

Oh, I’m so touched and happy for you for your long lost friend! And of course, the redemption after that fateful cheezecake! What very good ones you’ve made now to celebrate everything. =) Love the pictures, the stuff look totally yummy!! (Kitchen Flavours)

wesome kaju burfi. looks mout watering. Happy ramadan to u too. (Tartelette)

Great story Kate!! I have been given the recipe for these as well as the silver leaf and I have yet to do it…I will, I will!! The mousse sounds delicious! (eliza)

what a fun story to retell, Kajal πŸ™‚ hope you’ll have a happy Ramadhan! (Avinash)


your katlis look amazing. do bring them along next time you visit your neighbor:) (glamah16)

Thats the most beautiful dessert I have ever seen. (Dhanggit)

your photos and recipes are always magical Kate πŸ™‚ your friends are lucky to have someone like you to make them feel special!! (Mae)

Great capture of the tiny fireworks, Kate! Lovely photos! (Kitchen Flavours)

Sweet Suprise waiting for u in my blog. (Kate / Kajal)

annemarie, thanks so much for you wishes. Ramadan has begun and i’m quite excited πŸ™‚

Sujata ..oh , then you pet name must’ve also been Kaju πŸ™‚ like me πŸ™‚

Sig , i know i have to :p

Proud Italian Cook , i’m trying my best…this was rolled out between to sheets of greaseproof paper, the silver paper was then stuck on it.And then sliced.

Swati, i will surly do that πŸ™‚

Cakebrain, oh Indian sweets is a whole new world in itself … you should try n get some.

Stardust, thanks, i hope i did redeem myself with this one :p

Kitchen flavours … thanks yo dear πŸ™‚

Helen, oh wow ..cant wait to see how your turn out.

Eliza, it was a nice memory πŸ™‚ thanks

Avi … aww how sweet of you, actually you would be very happy to try these, purnimasi is a total sweetheart.i’m sure she gets happy everytime i try some of her recipes.

glamah16… really … aww thnx πŸ™‚

Dhanggit, i know they aren’t they πŸ˜› hehe …well atleast virtually, cuz most of them never get to eat it!

Mae, thanks πŸ™‚

Kitchen flavours …hmm what can it be ..going to hop right over πŸ™‚

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