Assorted Date Balls

Hell no ! Not that date :p …where is your mind ?? And no those are not truffles … but something even better and healthier. I’m talking about the fruit – date !
Breaking the fast with dates is a Ramadan tradition. After fasting from dawn to dusk, which is roughly a bit more than 13 hours, a date is the most perfect fruit to start with. One of the many physical benefits of breaking the fast with dates is that our body benefits from the date’s high level of natural sugars. Sugars travel most quickly to the liver, where they are converted into energy more quickly than any other nutrient. A sudden bombardment with food could be a shock to the empty stomach after a day of fasting. Eating a date first helps the body start its digestive process and gives it the energy to deal with the secondary, more complex foods, eaten during Iftar.

Assorted Date Balls 1

Dates are also high in vitamins A and B6, folic acid, potassium, natural sodium, iron, and magnesium. Thus, eating dates daily during Ramadan is like taking a daily multivitamin. This daily multivitamin can create a stronger and healthier body, one more fit for fasting. Dates also contain large amounts of dietary fiber, which can prevent any constipation that might result from eating the traditionally rich foods served during Ramadan. Additionally, dates protect the stomach and intestinal tract from parasites and bacteria, and thus is a good preventative medicine. Dates also have a special place in Islam. In fact, they were one of the Prophet’s (SAW) most frequently consumed foods. For this reason, their benefit is most likely spiritual as well as physical.

You can have them just the way they are, or you can also get creative with them. By now i think i might have developed the reputation of a lazy cook, as most of my recipes are effortless. So be it … lets add one more to the collection πŸ™‚

How To Make

All you have to do is de-seed about 1/2 kg of dried dates. Cut them up in small pieces and then mash them up forming a paste. Knead it just like you would knead dough to get a uniform and smooth texture. Keep a bowl of water ready, as you may need to dip your hands every time they get sticky. Make small balls and roll into desired topping. I’ve used desiccated coconut, sesame seeds, colourful sprinkles … go for whatever is in your cupboard. Put them in little paper cups. Get your kids to help you out, they would love to make these. They make perfect gifts, for Eid, Christmas … any occasion at all !

Assorted Date gift Box

Last Ramadan i made these lovely Date n Nut Rolls

Am linking this to Kitchen Flavours, for The Joy of Feasting and Fasting.

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Comment : (Maya)


What a lovely treat. There was always dates in the pantry in mother’s kitchen. She would love this! (Proud Italian Cook)

I agree with Glamah, you are an artist! This is such a beautiful, simply made, homemade gift any one would love to have. Thank you for sharing! (bee)

wish you a fulfilling ramadan, dear kate (i’m assuming you celebrate it). (SweetBites)

Hi Kate, what a'dates'full of thoughts! U certainly hve put ur mind & thoughts to create these gorgeous looking dates. (Stardust)

Beautiful, BRAVO BRAVO! Everything’s beautiful! Everything looks so classy!

Are you a Muslim? Did you just fast? My, there’s so much I don’t know about you yet! Well all I know is that I always have lovely pictures for a visual treat! =D (Kate / Kajal)

Sig, yeah the box is quite pretty, n hogging up all the attention :p

Lubna, its my pleasure to share. Hope the fasting is going well for you.

Valentina, thanks so much :0

Stephan … ha ! you know you have to make this up to me right :p … as soon as u get frm work i.e πŸ™‚

Cakebrain ..thnx !!

Farina, haha no ..its too simple , taking the trouble to look for them n buy them would be far more !

Maya, then make some for her πŸ™‚

PIC, thanks so much … πŸ™‚

bee, oh yes i am ! Thanks so much !

Sweetbites, πŸ˜€ thanks

Julia, haha thanx ! Yes allahumdulla i am πŸ™‚ ..and yes there is a lot of mystery to me … one day you’ll know all …lol . (Lonna)

I just stumbled upon your blog and am really enjoying your thoughts. The layout is very simple and wonderful. And the pictures are gorgeous… I plan to check in from time to time!

The Big (Southern) Apple (Hannah)

Wow, so beautiful! I adore dates as well, but they’re so expensive, I only buy them a couple times a year. These treats are so tempting…! (Laura Kelley)

Beautiful post Kate!

Those dates look wonderful and its only a plus that they are simple to prepare!

I’ve awarded your site a diamond for its recipes, stories of different places and people and of course for its outstanding food photography!

Come see your diamond at Silk Road Gourmet! (Helene)

My, my can I can a box of these treats? I love dates. (Nafisa)

Hello there, stumbled across your blog via Nina’s Easy Cooking. Your pictures are exquisite. These dates make ideal Eid presents. (rita bellnad)

that’s the most gorgeous presentation of dates I ever seen.
fabulous post kate ! (Kate / Kajal)

lonna , thanks so much for droppng by πŸ™‚

Hannah, dates are a delicacy . worth every buck though πŸ™‚

Laura, thanks for your lovely award. i’m honoured πŸ™‚

Helene .. haha sure πŸ™‚

Nafisa… they are perfect for Eid !

Rita ..thanks ! (Anjum)

oooo so tempting lovely mindblowing pics…where is my box??

Whoveer wrote this, you know how to make a good article.

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