Gola Sherbet & Prize Giveaway

Gola Sherbet is by far the most fun Mumbai street food and my one of my favourites. Its nothing but shaved ice on a stick with a glass of sherbet to dip it in and suck on. These ices are available in mutli-hued flavours and variations. I dont really know the origin and history of this delectable sweet dessert, but all i remember is, a kid i used to save up every last paisa i had, to buy these in our lunch breaks from the hawkers selling them outside the school. A perfect treat for the summer, i know this post comes at a very wrong time for all my wonderful readers who are freezing in the cold weather … but hey look at the bright side, all you got to do is get some snow and drizzle it with some syrup ! Voila you have Gola ! haha alright that was’nt very smart … snow is not safe to eat … yeah yeah … i know … ! well its still damn hot here, i guess this part of the world will never see cooler days, but you can save this for when it gets warmer, and i know my readers from down under can get to it right away ! Its really simple, shave some ice, or just crush some in your food processor. Put in a kebab stick and pack the ice firmly around it. Drizzle some of your favourite syrup on it and some in a glass. The key ingredient here is some chat masala. Without which a gola is truly incomplete. There are versions of these. You can make these in a plate, drizzle some sweet condensed milk, some chocolate, some nuts … go wild with it, anything at all that you fancy. Can even go for the alcoholic ones … Grey Goose n cranberry juice … πŸ˜€ sounds nice doesnt’it ??

Gola 1

Gola 2

Gola 3

Gola 4

Gola 5

Gola 6

Gola 7

Gola 8

Gola 9

Gola 10

Gola 11

gola 12

Gola 13

Gola 14

Gola 15

Gola 16

So you see the step by step picture guide of how to make a gola and eat it. I made some at home too, with 3 mouth watering flavours – Kalakhatta, Strawberry, and Khas. Mine were mini versions of the real stuff, but also more fun, as i get to eat more, in different flavours. If ever you make it to Mumbai , please do go to the Juhu Beach and try out our man Rashid’s golas. The most popular flavour for gola’s is Kalakhatta – literally translated to Black- Sour … n i really wish i could explain this wonderful flavour to you, but i can’t do it justice tro it. So what i’m doing instead is giving away 2 bottles of kalakhatta and some chat masala to go with, so you can make your very own gola at home, and enjoy the flavours of Mumbai. in your living room, or where ever it is that you plan on eating it :p . All you have to do is leave a comment here, and soon i’ll pick 2 lucky winners and let you know. Enjoy πŸ˜€

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Comment :

Looks sinfully good,my parents never ever allowed us to eat such street food.Nevertheless now I can make them at home ,will reserve it for the hot summers:)

That top photo is brilliant, very very good!

Whoaaa, the color look too beautiful to eat!
I first tasted this type of ice treat in Hawaii. It wasn’t as good as it looked (maybe I went to the wrong vendor). Certainly wouldn’t mind to to make it myself at home, as I can choose the flavor and use the (more) best ingredients.

And this message is for Santa: Oh, please let me win, Santa!


I love the new site Kate! Anyway, your friend there is quite greedy, with his two golas, hahaha! But I don’t blame him– they look like they can extinguish all the heat of the surroundings! Yum!


Yasmeen, yes pls do try them out !

Ilva – thanks πŸ™‚

Elra … haha maybe you did, next time come to me :p n yup i hope santa is listening !

Manggy, that guy was sweet enough to let me take his pic. I asked a couple of other people if i could take their pics n only he said ” oh sure ” … so i bought him another one πŸ™‚ Glad you like the site .

Beautiful photos Kate πŸ™‚ I like the part about adding condensed milk but all those colorful fruity looking Golas look delicious as well πŸ™‚

Superbe colors. Merry Xmas!


Mmmm Kalakhatta, I’ll take one! It is that hot there huh? We have snow! These photos are great, I am so glad you did a post on Mumbai street food πŸ™‚ hope the city is recovering ok.

Reva Skie

You have not truly visited a city until you have tried their street food.

Kate – it is wonderful to have you back πŸ™‚ We have something similar to Golas called ice kacang in Malaysia. I like the one with the condensed milk drizzled over the ice.

OOOO that’s amazing, that you can pick it up from the stick πŸ™‚ love the colours and am loving the cups as well. x

oh my … i really want some.. ^-^ anyway can i link your site.. thx a lot

Oh yes! It’s so much fun…but I have never thought of making them at home. I guess street-food is more fun in the streets. Good to finally see you back here.


Margot, they really are a treat. Can even add some shredded coconut n raisins with the condensed milk … yum πŸ™‚

Helene , thnx, wish you the same.

Mohini , the city is still angry, but you know how we mumbai-ites are, back to the rut, everyday living. I;ve been relly wanting to do a gola post forever, finally !! πŸ™‚

Reva, i could’nt agree more !

Maya, , its nice to be back too πŸ™‚ i think i’ve seen the ones you’re talking about. They are equally yummy .

Diva, you’ll love the whole thing once you try them as well πŸ™‚

Dee, sure you can . Thnx.

Shantanu … you should, the kids will love it ! Both making and eating it ! i’ve had fun making them at home to take the pics πŸ™‚ Nice to know i’ve been missed πŸ™‚

The simplest thing is usually the best! I love shaved ice. Not in winter though. lol.

Kate dear, now i know what you are busy with now a days. Enjoying the summer to the full with those yummy, juicy, mouth-watering, tempting and alluring golas. My mom makes it with Roohafza in summers. But the shaved ice we get on streets looks fine compared to that of we make at home. I love the idea of adding the chaat masala. Will try this version very soon. Here also days time is completely hot and in nights its chilled. Love the scrummy pics.

how come my reader didn’t tell me that you’re back to blogging?? these remind me of the shaved ice I would eat whenever I’d visit Venezuela. My favorite topping by far over the ice & syrup is definitely condensed milk πŸ™‚


wow! as a malaysian who grew up on “ice kacang” & “shave ice with sour plum”!!! your photo bring back lots of my childhood memories ^_^ ice kacang is very similar to your last few pics, the current version came in more colour & condiments like red bean, peanuts, sweet corn etc! taste wonderful!


Farina, the cold kills cold – give it a try πŸ™‚

Lubna, haha hardly busy with street food. It took me 1 month before i could get out n take these Gola pics. And its true, you can never get that fine shaven ice at home unless you have the gola machine. But something is better than nothing right :p

Tony, my dear pal … i just couldn’t stay away any longer … it was killing me that i hadn’t blogged in so long. Its so good to be back ! N yeah the condensed milk ones are awesome !!

Jasper, i’ve had the ones you are talking about with sweet corn and red beans … but in China – Shenzen. They are equally wonderful .

wow….the colours are really attractive and it looks like “ice kacang”….this is always my favourite

My Taste Heaven

Kajal, so nice to see you back posting! The first picture really makes me want to taste these golas, plus it is kind of “in season” for me, it being two days to Christmas and the colours in that first photo being very “Christmasy” πŸ™‚


Whee! that looks cold and delicious! Right now, we have enough snow around here that we could use some to make your Gola Sherbets! Fantastic pics!

Happy Holidays Kate! This looks so refreshing, and I love the step-by-step ‘how to’ photos, they look awesome.
cheers, j


you can’t help but SMILE when you see these! I can’t wait to give them a try!

this just reminds me of what i used to eat back home in Indonesia. it’s perfect because the weather was always hot and the ice just cooled my whole body.


Looks yummmmm! Its on my list of things to eat when I visit Bombay next month.

I’m intrigued by the sherbet…it looks absolutely fabulous!

what a freakin’ great treat here! I love the colors and the glass tumblers you have in the top photo are just like a set that I have. NO idea where I got them from! Great pics and post!

Wow…my absolute favourite in Juhu Beach πŸ™‚ Sometimes I go to the beach just to have these colourful beauties! You made my day Kate! YOu know when we feel too lazy to go all the way to Juhu to have golas,there is a small shop in Lokhnadwala which sells golas and as per my hubby he thinks this is more hygenic. But when it comes to golas…I prefer the Juhu ones with cool sea breeze on your face πŸ™‚


What a gorgeous post! We just had a big snowstorm and I’m tempted to run out, pour some syrup on the back yard and dig in! I have to say that your other posting on the date ice cream looks fantastic too. I’ll definitely be visiting your site more often!


Who are the winners – did you decide? ;-))


OMG…looks yum!
I love the pic with the malai being drizzled on the gola, looks absolutely irresitible!
I so miss Bombay and golas!
Do you have any other street food recipes? I really want try them out here but I have no idea how to make the chutneys or masalas.

Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!


I can’t wait to go to India and taste all of these amazing foods. I’m not a bit scare about eating street foods. we have a very similar version of these delicious snowballs back home also, in Venezuela. I keep visualizing my self in India it ahs been mydream to visti there since I was 15 yrs. old.
Best food blog ever , you captured more than the food itself.
Thanks for yur amazing blog!.

mmm they look really tasty, but to be honest i wouldn’t trust eating them in india that much like my indian friend told me he said to be careful if u go to india on what you eat coz you can get easy food poisoning eating in the wrong places


Well not all places are like that. Yor friend must’ve had some unplesant experience but I’m sure I you try these at JUHU beach they’d be safe enough.

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