Hong Kong fresh food markets are an absolute must on any visit to the ex-colony. Bustling with life and colour, they remain an everyday part of many locals life, and are also a great place to grab a bargain. You can get anything food related here, from fresh veggies n fruits, all kinds of meat, live seafood, to spices, sauces, herbs, dried food variety and little restaurants and stalls of cooked delicacies. I absolutely adore coming to the local markets and explore and try out new stuff. And trust me there is so much out here, that I haven’t seen in my life before, and every visit i’m discovering something new. So its always challenging to pick up new ingredients and experiment. To me HK is a foodies paradise, with so much available, its so hard to resist … both to cook and to eat out !

HK 1

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Comment :

Thanks for the photo-essay Kate; I was there a loooong while ago and I wish I could go back with the new eyes of a food-lover. But these pics are the next best thing! 🙂

Wow! You really captured the spirit of the place! Wonderful pics Kate! Brilliant!


Manggy … i’m sure the place will look so much better now. Its different for me everytime i go there.

Peter , thanks 🙂 Sunday morning entertainment for me :))

Wow, what a great market! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!




Your photos truly capture the inspirational essence of the markets—the variety of tastes, textures, colors…Artwork for the camera and kitchen!

love the pictures, but it was definitely a bit freaky to find that photo of the lounging dog in the midst of all the food!

Your photos seem to really capture the spirit of Hong Kong! Gorgeous and I wish I could visit there some day myself.

What a beautiful pictures Kate!! I truly love Hongkong and your photos just bring back very fond memories! And a sudden desire to want to go back there right away..:)

what a beautiful photos you had capture!! I love HK wet market selling fresh foods there too! Looking at the durian and mangosteen you capture,make me go crazy for these fruit! must go to Chinatown soon to look for these fruit.


Rosa , its always a pleasure sharing !

Jen ..thanks 🙂 Its not the camera … its the place …just so beautiful 🙂

Giff … haha that was one of the stall owners dog, lazing around on the other side. Harledd fellow though.

Maria, well if you ever get a chance, make you you do 🙂

Simone , 🙂 yes Hk can do that to anyone, its an addictive place, n i Love it here.

Oh wow now i know whatever i can get or shop for in Hongkong…….Love the colorful snaps……Every pic tells its own story. Love the very different flavours and aromas in each and every snap…….How r u doing now-a-days?

Beautifully captured!!


My Asian Kitchen … haha, i think you should 🙂

Lubna, Thanks a lot, doing well , you should come visit sometime.

mycookinghut – thanks !

You’ve made me homesick with this post. Thank you 🙂

beautiful pictures! i feel like i just went to Japan and back. Your vantage point making it very appealing!

You are a gifted photographer. And your pictures have persuaded me to go to Hong Kong myself someday! Thank you for sharing.

Casual Kitchen

Thank you for this Kate, I will go there in a few days, the last time was in ’97, but from your pics I am happy to see that the markets and shops are still full of surprises and colours!

Wow; this is amazing. What a fabulous post. Thank you for sharing this…I would love to visit Hong Kong just to see the markets!
Happy New Year!

Is this the market in CENTRAL??
whr do u stay in HK?
I also lived in HK b4…..I just love the place so much…these fotos are refreshing my memories dear..

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