Pollenta Crusted Chilli stuffed with Cheese 1

I love a good chilli. Bright red, firm, packed with flavour, not too spicy yet with that certain edge. These chillis were just that and when I saw them at my local store I knew I had to pick them up. The thing is, these do not grow here locally and so finding them is like winning a lottery. I instantly knew what I would do with them and next headed off to the cheese counter and bought me some Havarti. Stuffing these chillis with a flavourful cheese which is firm when cold but melts wonderfully when hot, seemed like the ideal thing to do. Coating it with pollenta gives the exterior that crunch, and so when you bite through it, and reach the soft and squidgy center you can feel all different textures.

Pollenta Crusted Chilli stuffed with Cheese


  • 10 big Red Chillis
  • 100gms Havarti or any cheese you prefer
  • 2 eggs
  • Pollenta to coat the chillis
  • All purpose flour for dusting
  • oil for deep frying
  • salt to taste

Wash and pat dry the chillis. Made a slit alongside the length of it and remove the seeds if you don’t like it too hot. With your fingers rub some salt – not too much and then put in cubes of the cheese and press them back. Do this with all the chillis and then dust them with flour. This will help the egg stick on to the chillis. Break the eggs and season them with salt. In another shallow plate spread out the pollenta and season that too with some salt or if you like seasoned salt. The crust tends to get bland if its not well seasoned. Now dip the chilli in the egg and roll it in the pollenta till well coated. And repeat this step once more. Next deep fry them till you get a beautiful golden brown colour and serve hot.

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Comment :

What a great canape/party food! The addition of polenta on the outside is a great idea…and I love a good chili too!

Fantastic! I am cooking polenta today! Real neat idea to coat with polenta for a nice texture.I bet these will disappear in no time with guests. Love the contrast in the picture.

Luv the red and the yellow, awesome pictures……so cheerful on this snowy day….would love some chilli treats to warm me up!! ~Chris Ann


Peter , yup its gr8 for parties

Soma, thanks, they sure do disappear fast :p

Chris Ann, i wish i could send you some πŸ™‚


That looks too good…it’s making my mouth water…i’m going to have to look away soon πŸ˜‰

That recipe is very originale! I bet they’d be great for outdoor parties!



Oooh, yes … how lovely these chillies sound .. crunchy on the outside, soft and deliciously hot inside!

Wish you a lovely year ahead, as well!


I love it, what a great combination… cheesey, spicy and crunchy! πŸ™‚

Happy New Year!!



Moh .. i’m thinking finally something veg πŸ˜›

Rosa, oh yes they are.

Sheetal :))

Margot, thanks darling, wish you the same

Oh YUM! What a great idea and how colorful. The cheese inside and the polenta outside makes the appetizer look like there is a lot going on but I bet those flavors combined are just delicious!

Kajal, they look so yum! You’re the HK version of Nigella Lawson, hehe


Shandy, the cheese really goes so well with the shilli

Kenny … aww thats such a sweet thing to say .. Thank you so much !

Tks for dropping by at my blog. I was so inspired looking at your stunning shots. You’re such a talented chef too!

I have a hard time discerning if they are desserts or savories. They sure look like desserts πŸ™‚

Those polenta sticks look fabulouus, Kate. I wish i have a bagful of them the other day when i went to the movies. Happy to see you back in the blogging bandwagon. πŸ™‚

Great to see you again, Kate girl. Happy 2010, I am doing well. Wish you the best. Oh my! That finger looks fabulous, so yummy and colorful. good job! πŸ™‚

Wow I have never seen a much more delcious looking filled chillies.

Fantastic! I love the colors…and like chillies and peppers. Can imagine the taste already. Keep them out of reach of your little one, though!

What amazing yummie looking appetizers!

Very tasty & apart too!

Kate, this looks heavenly! I can just imagine how delicious this is with the soft cheese, heat from the chili & crunch from the polenta. Well done!

Loving your creativity, as always. The textures must make a delightful combination. CONGRATS on your baby, do share a lil of his cuteness from time to time! Happy 2010!

Thank you for the visit Kate, and great recipe, as always! Great that you can do it all, with baby and everything. Well done, brava!


Wow, what a great recipe and such great photos and styling. Loving it!

I’m not sure I could handle this because of the spiciness but does sound delicious! Great photos and styling as always!


Food 4 Tots, I love your site too πŸ™‚

Tigerfish … haha next i’ll try stuffing them with custard … see how that goes … lol

Stephan , oh i’m so glad to back on the bandwagon ! Next time take me to he movies with you, n i’ll carry some of these along !:p

Asha, thanks so much, so happy to be back in touch with everyone !

Happy Cook, thanks πŸ™‚

Shantanu haha … so far i think i’m ok but in a couple of months i know i’m going to be pulling my hair apart … lol

Sophie, thanks “_

Heather , thank you

Stardust , thanks so much , will keep you updated !

Alessandra … πŸ™‚ Thanks , I’m trying to keep up .

Mowie, thank u

Bethany, actually they are not that spicy, but very flavourful. Maybe some day you should try these chillis.

I love stuffed chili’s!! These would be perfect for any party and they look so lovely and colorful too!

I adore the colours in the post!

You’ve just taken chilli bhajiyas to a whole new level!!!

OMG – now this is what I’m talking about…I just need something that’s not gonna knock my socks off when I bite into it.

I love this recipe! A more refined version of the stuffed jalapeΓ±o that is popular in Texas. Yummy!


Kajal these chilis look ridiculous…like tasteofbeirut said, stuffed jalapenos are really popular here in Texas but yours look so much better. I can only imagine how delicious the Havarti cheese would pair with the red chiles. Beautiful!

Me agradan las nenas vistas aqui. Gracias por escribir este post.

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