I cannot find an appropriate enough excuse for having disappeared for so long. But not blogging for all these months made me realize one thing … I couldn’t stay away. Its something I’ve been doing for over 3 years now, and its become a part of my life. I missed it. And so I’m back …*crossing my fingers* … and as always its got to be with something sweet !

I’ve been in India for the past 9 months now and being in this part of the world only means one thing – FOOD FOOD FOOD ! Lots of it ! I cannot begin to tell you how I’ve been eating, be it street food, ethnic cuisines, lovely home cooked meals by my mamma or simply stuff I’ve been making with all the great local produce. “Chikki” is Indian for ‘Brittle’. It is very popular all over my country and is traditionally made with jaggery but there are soft brown sugar and white sugar versions too. Actually the variety available these days is insane starting from peanuts, to ground peanuts, sesame, almonds, pistachios, cashews, mixed dry fruits, khus khus, with shredded coconuts, split chickpeas, puffed rice etc … Chikki is very easy to make and is made in many households all over. Though its easily available in shops at every nook and corner, there’s nothing like making your own. And you don’t even need a candy thermometer. We do it the old fashioned way. Below you can see the different kinds of chikki’s that are available and above is Rosé Chikki. Made with mixed dry fruits, saffron, rose extract and topped with dried rose petals. These taste so wonderful and addition of Rose just makes it so much classier. Perfect to impress served just the way they are, or sprinkled on some home made ice cream-it adds that extra crackle and crunch or they are even great as give away presents.


  • 1 tbsp Clarified Butter (Ghee)
  • 1 cup fine white sugar
  • 2 cups mixed dry nuts – cashews, almonds and pistachios
  • 1 tsp pure rose extract
  • dried rose petals for topping

You will need a heavy bottom pan for making the chikki in and either a marble surface or a rectangular tin well greased with ghee to set it in. Start with heating the ghee in the pan and then add the rose extract and sugar. As soon as it melts and get a light amber colour add the nuts and give it a good stir. Immediately pour it all out on the cold surface or in the tin and evenly  and thinly spread it out at a 1 cm thickness. Be careful as its very hot. Either use a rolling pin or grease the bottom of a steel cup and use it to press the chikki evenly. Now very gently lay the dried rose petal leaves on top and gently press them in so they set in. While its still warm use a sharp knife to made the desired sized shapes so its easier to break off once they cool. Store in airtight container.

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So glad ur back!!!!! I missed u too much in my food blog feeds hhahaahahha 🙂 definitely will be trying this recipe!!!


Thanks Carolina … 🙂

This looks great! So glad u r back blogging 😉 Chikki ‘s are always welcomed in my house! The rose does look really classy and would make a perfect holiday gift right?


Oh yes … wrapped well … they make gorgeous presents

That is a lovely treat! A wonderful gift idea.



I love the color!!!

Welcome back !
I discovered U & then U disappeared. I kept wondering what happened & checked often just hoping to see this post. 🙂
Love all the food U have made & the photographs R just amazing, so do keep up the good work & don’t disappear again. :-))


Rosa, thanks 🙂

peachkins 🙂 me too

Rituparna …. that is such a sweet comment you have left me. I’m going to try my best n stick around 🙂

Gorgeous! I’m a HUGE fan of chikki but have never has a rose chikki. So innovative!

So glad to see you’re back and wow 9 months in India that must have been great.


Prerna if you love Chikki then you must give this a try. You’ll love it.

Simone … I’m still in India … I move back .

Hi Kajal,
Thanks to suggestions by Twitter, I landed here.This is a dream blog..beautiful pictures and wonderful write ups.
Rose chikki is one of the forgotten snacks, looking at your post I am suddenly craving it now. Maybe I can try your recipe one of these days.

Welcome back! We all need a break once in a while from blogging. I would love to travel to India. Maybe someday. This looks really good.

Welcome back! Missed your posts. What delectable clicks of chikkis, making me drool!


Ah so glad you are back Kajal — all is right again :)! I’ve always wanted to visit India, when my husband went to Pune he fell in love with the food, the culture and the beautiful landscapes. I love your Rose Chikki, rose tea is one of my favorite things to drink during the winter so I can only imagine how deliciously fragrant this snack must be.

Glad to see you are well, welcome back!


my relatives from bombay always brought me mixed nut chikki…yummy! i might have to make some now. & just a few days ago i was wondering where you went 😛 hope you get some time to shoot more in the next year 🙂

Welcome back Kate! You’ve been missed! Love this rose chikki…sounds really delicious and aromatic!


Tanvi, thanks you for dropping by …

Helene …. you should come to india …there’s way too much to see here

Thanks Mona 🙂

Joy , thanks so much … you are way to sweet. Next time just tag along with your hubby .. hop over to Mumbai and let me take you out.

Mohini , Inshallah you;ll be seeing more of me …

Peter … I’ve missed blogging too … happy to be back.

I found your blog a while ago while bloghopping and was so sorry to see you had not posted in a while. Have been checking every now and then. You are back with a bang with beautiful pictures and a new way of looking at the humble chikki.


Thank you Sandhya, for dropping by every now n then … glad this time you didn’t turn back disappointed .


She’s back, she’s back…sound the trumpets! Seriously, so glad to see you back in the blog world =).
And i watched Teen Patti…completely irrelevant, but first heard about it on your blog.

Rose Chikki\’s look very poetic and I can\’t agree more with you about the addition of Rose petals. A true classic recipe.


I really love your pictures! What an ispiration. We have a foot of snow here today and I\’m off to try your potato and celery chicken soup. Looks great. Here is another blog readers may enjoy

Glad you came back to the blog, it’s a lovely one. And this recipe is so unique I’m delighted to have found it. Will make some to serve with my homemade chocolates and a delicious pot of most excellent tea! In the meantime, enjoy India, and don’t give up on the blog!

i like this.

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