Never in my life did I think I’ve ever start linking all things Pink. And a few weeks ago, to top it, my 2.7yr old boy suddenly started liking pink. I got seriously worried. But after reading up and speaking to a lot of other moms, I realized its just a phase and will pass away. Phew so once that was cleared out, I actually found myself wearing pink polish, buying pink clothes, wearing pink lipstick and I have even consider re-decorating my room with pink tree wall decals (I’ve been eyeing these for a while now). I now look at myself and wonder what a little boy can do to his mother !

May 13th called for a double celebration. Mothers day and my Birthday … and I couldn’t help myself but bake a cake …  A Cake with a surprise.  All white on the outside and trust me, blowing out candles and lighting them n blowing them out again is just about enough fun, but when my little guy saw the inside, he couldn’t stop smiling … Pink Cake !!! Yay he went and stuck his finger in the buttercream and started licking away. I don’t think I could’ve asked for anything more that day!

I would love to once again thank all you for your beautiful wishes. I think Facebook can really make you feel special on your big day. Too much love !!

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Comment :

So nice i like the pink.
Mom To Chef

my son also liked pink for a short while because of his sister but soon grew out of it. i Like what you did with the cake.looks lovely


Thank you , it gives me hope to know the pink phase will pass away 🙂

this is really cute!!!

What a nice little cake to help celebrate your birthday. It seems like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

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