Mulberry Trifles

With the New Year just a day away, everyones probably asking the same old question – What are your resolutions for the coming year

I’m sure some of you have some and some none, whatever the case

one thing that could help, is knowing

The love we give away is the only love we keep . That’s why L O V E ! With all your heart , selflessly

Be nice, be kind, be helping, care more, give back to the world

Make 2013 beautiful

Mulberry Trifles.

Here’s wishing you a sweet beginning , may you have a blessed year ahead.

Mulberry Trifles Recipe

This was honestly just thrown together, and doesn’t require specific measurements. You can use whatever you have at hand. Thats why trifles are so easy make.

Left over vanilla sponge cake ( I used mine left over from the Lamingtons)

Fresh Mulberries ( any fruit will do, I just love Mulberries )

1 tub of mascarpone

50 ml cream to loosen up the mascarpone

a splash of Amaretto

caster sugar to sweeten

1 tub of Mulberries

2-3 tablespoons of sugar to make the Mulberry Jam

For the jam, wash the Mulberries well and mix with sugar and let it cook over medium heat till it bubbles and reduces. Let it be of a lumpy consistency, adds texture. Whip up the cream with caster sugar and fold in the mascarpone. Add the amaretto and chill till ready to use. For the trifles start with a sponge layer, then the mascarpone and top with jam. Repeat again only this time top with fresh Mulberries. Very decadent .

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Comment :

Delightful! I’d love to taste mulberries…

Best wishes for 2013!



the Best way to start my new year!!Mulberry Triles…yummyy

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