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On this Holy & Joyous Occasion

May The Blessing Of Almighty Allah

Come Down On Your Shoulders

And Upon Those Whom You Love

And Treasure And

May You Enjoy A Very Happy Eid

This Year And In The Years To Come

 E I D  M U B A R A K !!!

Sheer Korma 2

A month long of fasting comes to an end, and its time to celebrate. And you cannot imagine Eid–ul–Fitr without Sheer Korma. It is the traditional dessert prepared by Muslims and is usually the first thing served after the early morning Eid prayers, and is savoured all day long with family and visiting guests. Each household has its own version and recipe, for this pudding, which is made from roasted wheat vermicelli in sweetened milk with lots of nuts.

Sheer Korma 3

 ‘Sheer’ is Persian for milk, and ‘Korma’ is Persian for dried dates. This dessert mostly originated in Central Asia, but today is popular word wide and relished by all. I remember, come Eid morning every year, our Muslim friends would send us some lovely home made Sheer Korma with a couple of other sweets. That’s how I even got to know what it was and tried it. Initially I was hesitant as I’m not a big fan of milk, but after I tried it, I knew there was a chance.  There are two ways you could have it – warm or cold. For me it’s got to be undeniably cold!

Also after modifying it from the ones I’ve tried, I’ve finally settled for this one, which is as always a cheat’s version, lighter and less decadent. Traditionally this is made here in Ghee – lots of it, so much that it’s a floating layer on top on of the milk, and some prefer to put condensed milk, or cream, rose water sometimes coconut, and dried dates too. I like mine simple. That way I can eat a couple of bowls extra :-p

Sheer Korma 4


 ½ a packet of the roasted dried wheat vermicelli

2 tablespoons of butter

1½ litre toned milk

5 tablespoons of organic raw cane sugar (adjust to taste)

Handful of cashew nuts sautéed in butter

Handful of almonds blanched overnight and sliced

Golden raisins – as per taste

Pistachios – if desired (I opted out as I honestly didn’t have any left at home)

a pinch of saffron

½ tsp powdered cardamom powder


 In a heavy based pan, heat the butter. Toss in the vermicelli, breaking it as you go, and making sure you stir well and constantly till you get a good dark brown colour. Be careful to do this on a medium flame and not end up burning the vermicelli. When you feel you’re almost there, add the sugar and milk, stirring continuously. You will see the yellow of the butter floating up, that’s ok. Boil this mixture for while, stirring it on medium flame. As the milk boils down considerably – around 40 %, add all the nuts n raisins (if you wish you could add sliced dry dates, pistachios, charoli nuts … etc etc ), saving some for the garnish. Further boil till the vermicelli is soft and milk just about enough to like a soupy consistency. If you wish to chill it, it will thicken in the refrigerator. So keep that in mind while checking the consistency. Now pour the Sheer Korma and garnish with remaining nuts, saffron and cardamom. Serve warm, or set in individual bowl in the fridge and have it chilled.

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Oh lovely!! I concur,, I like mine too undeniably cold!!

Mmmhhh, that looks ever so delicious! A fabulous treat.

Happy Eid!



Something new! Looks very good, keep that going!

Oh! It’s one of my very favorite.
Hungry to have it always. Yummy! Delicious! Can’t wait now.

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