Consciously making an effort to eat healthy, needs some working on. Specially if its the first meal of your day. I know how easy it is to reach out for that slice of bread, fry two eggs, slap some jam on the toast and wash that all down with a glass of OJ ! But if you’re looking on loosing some of those inches off your sides, then you’ve got to re think what you eat. My reccomended choice is Oats: a versatile breakfast recipe cereal

These days you have so much choice when it comes to picking a breakfast cereal that it can be tough whittling it down to just one, but once you find your perfect breakfast you’re set – and you can experiment with it as much as you like to introduce a bit of variety into your morning routine. Fortunately nature has given us oats, a wholegrain which is not only tasty but a great base for a range of hot and cold breakfast recipes that you can enjoy rain or shine.

There are so many ways you can make your oats …

With a smooth and creamy texture, this warming breakfast can make you feel ready for the day ahead – especially on a cold morning. It’s important that you break the fast of sleeping and a hot breakfast that makes you feel satisfied is one of the best ways to do this.

Hot and tasty

Porridge becomes a natural choice for breakfast round about the same time that the gloves come out and you put your electric blanket on. It’s not just a popular breakfast choice because it’s hot and filling; you can add a host of ingredients to porridge to suit your taste.

A simple yet scrumptious version of porridge is an oldie but a goody that most of us love; simply serve it with a drizzle of natural yogurt or greek yogurt and a sprinkling of brown sugar, golden syrup or honey.

The flavour of oats also goes well with cut up dried or fresh fruits and nuts so mix in a handful of these in for a zesty flavour.

Don’t forget a serving of porridge is just as tasty all on its own though so feel free to keep it plain and simple if you prefer!

Cool and fresh

Muesli is such a lovely, light breakfast for any time of year. With a base of rolled oats, it is often mixed with barley and wheat flakes for a creamy taste.

There are scores of different types of muesli mixed with dried fruits and nuts available but you can easily make your own signature breakfast dish from a plain base.

Try mixing a handful of diced nuts and pumpkin seeds into plain muesli. Top it with a tablespoon of plain yogurt and a teaspoon of honey for a power-packed breakfast.

If fruit is your thing, mix in a handful of dried tropical delights and use juice in place of milk. It’s a refreshing start to the day and gets the ball rolling on your five a day.


This post comes to you straight from my breakfast table and I share with you an INSTAGRAM pic of what I’m eating.

Its quite simple and comes together in minutes

  • 3 tablespoons quick cooking oats
  • 3 tablespoons probiotic yogurt
  • handful of your favourite nuts
  • 2 fresh figs sliced / or any fruit you prefer
  • organic honey to drizzle over

Boil the oats for 2 minutes in enough water. Prepare the vids and nuts while this happens. Take the oats off the heat and pour in a cool bowl. Stir it a little to let the steam escape. Chuck in 3 cubes of ice to cool it down. Whip in the yogurt and home honey. Top with fresh fruits of your choice and nuts. Last drizzle with honey or low fat maple syrup. There you are – breakfast in a jiffy … but keeps you going long.


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Delicious and healthy!



Oh one of my favourites! I like how the boiled oats go with yogurt! Walnuts, figs and honey – isn’t is amazing how such delicious things can be no guilty pleasure at all! Amazing breakfast – I’d like the same too please!


Rosa 🙂 Cheers to healthy eating

Sneige , you said it girl … If you think of it there are so many great ingredients out there, which can be enjoyed guilt free :p
I portion comin up for you 🙂

It looks fantastic! thanks a lot for sharing the recipe

Simple and very healthy!

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