-Tuna Salad with Asian Sesame Paste Dressing

Right, so this is my third healthy post in a row … You’re probably wondering, ” Hey where’s the cake baking, cookie making, dessert devouring Kajal we know ?” Ha … I’m here don’t worry … but a girls got to balance those calories. Specially after a long holiday and feasting beyond her stomach space practically everyday. 3 weeks of pure indulgence, but there’s something I need to tell you, something that happened the night I left for my holiday. This I must share with you.

On the 14th Of October, the Food Bloggers Association India, for the very first time, hosted a one of a kind award function, the India Food Bloggers Award 2013 (IFBA) for the bloggers community in India at the JW Marriott Mumbai. The ceremony brought together the food bloggers, jury members, partners and food enthusiasts from the industry to promote food blogging, and share thoughts, opinions and ideas.

The IFBA 2013 awards honored winners and finalists in various categories like restaurant review, recipe and culinary travel amongst others by an esteemed jury that included …

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor – He is the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine. He is living his dream to make Indian cuisine number one cuisine in the world. Also featured in the TV show, Khana Khazana.

Rashmi Uday Singh – Gourmand and World cookbook award winner, TV host, regional jury chairperson of international restaurant award academies and author of 33 food books. Rashmi Uday Singh authored the world’s first “Vegetarian guide to Paris and India’s first restaurant city guide.???

Kunal Vijayakar – An Indian film actor, director and television personality who hosts the food show, “The Foodie??? on Times Now.

Chef Ritu Dalmia – Insatiable appetite for constant innovation in the kitchen and owner of Diva – one of the Delhi’s finest Italian Restaurants.

Sona Bhadur – Editor of BBC Good Food magazine and when she is not in the office editing, she is busy checking out the big thing restaurant in town.

Hari Nayak – A restauranteur, author as well as a Culinary Consultant in North America.

Vikram Doctor – Works at The Economic Times in Mumbai, where he writes general features as well as stories that focus on food and its place in society.

Aditya Bal – His food philosophy is Produce driven. He likes to keep flavours simple and clean with a slight leaning towards more rustic presentation. His show, “Chakhle India??? won the best Cookery Show  2010 (ITA).

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal – One of India’s pioneering food bloggers with her blog A Perfect Bite. Today that blog has grown into the firm A Perfect Bite Consulting and launched India’s first-state-of-the-home-kitchen studio, the APB Cook Studio, in Mumbai last year.

Aneesha Baig – Lifestyle at NDTV Media Ltd. Has been associated with NDTV since 1996. She began to focus on the thing she loves best, food and started travelling across the world, “Will Travel For Food???.

Zoravar Kalra – Founder and Managing Director Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd. Responsible for the immense success of his previous multi-award winning and critically acclaimed venture Punjab Grill.

Kajal Tejsinghani – Food aficionado, columnist, photographer and stylist. Food has always been a major part of her life.

Yes you heard right … I was given the great honor to judge all those fantastic and talented  bloggers from across the nation. And boy it wasn’t an easy task. Sameer Malkani, the founder of FBAI was kind enough to filter the entries and bring down the number of blogs we judged and we had some very happy winners.

Best Food/Culinary and travel BlogKalayanKarmakar

Best Recipe BlogFarukShadab Ansari

Best Writing and Story telling BlogCharisBhagianathan

Best Single Food ShotSonal Solanki

Best Facebook Food BlogSandeepSreedharan

Best Regional Cuisine BlogAlkaKeswani

Best Photo BlogYeshi

Best Baking BlogSaminaPatel 

Best Group BlogKumar Jhuremalani

Best Restaurant Review BlogAdarsh Munjal

Best New BloggerKajalBhatia

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The objective of Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI), community of over 7500+ food bloggers, photographers, critics, reviewers, stylists, foodies and entrepreneurs is to help and promote blogging and food bloggers across India. To facilitate this mandate as an association, the India Food Bloggers Awards 2013 (IFBA 2013) came into being to recognize and reward food bloggers in a structured and formal process.

JW Marriott Mumbai, the renowned culinary destination in Mumbai known for its authentic cuisine, hosted the maiden IFBA 2013. And what a wonderful buffet they spread for the occasion. I still can’t top kicking myself for not having stuck around, and having missed the chance to talk to all my fellow bloggers and polish of some of those delectable entrees I saw the waiters carrying around. I had to make a dash to the airport to make it in time for the flight. But its a night I cannot forget and thank you FBAI once again for this lovely opportunity to be a part of this memorable event.

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And coming back to my Healthy Tuna Salad. I’ve been trying to conciously make an effort to eat food that doesn’t go straight to the places it’s not supposed to. And at the same time keep it interesting. Now the tuna and lettuce is fine … what makes this salad a winner is the dressing. Inspired from one of my most favourite Sichuan dishes called Dan Dan noodles, this dressing can enhance and can be used on practically anything your heart desires.

Asian Sesame Paste Dressing

  • 1/4 cup of toasted sesame paste
  • 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter
  • 1/8 cup of chili oil
  • 4 ~ 5 tbsp of soy sauce
  • 2 tsp of dark Asian vinegar
  • 2 tsp of sesame oil
  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of water (more or less depending on the thickness of sesame paste)

Grind all this together to form a smooth paste. Save in a sealed bottled for whenever ready to use.

For the Salad

  • 1 can of Tuna in water- drained
  • assorted choice of lettuce. I used – iceberg, red oak leaf lettuce, butterhead, romaine
  • handful of rocket
  • 1 big cucumber shredded into long matchstick strips
  • 2 spring onions with the greens finely chopped
  • handful of coriander chopped
  • a few toasted peanuts
  • chilli flakes as per taste

Wash all the leaves well and let them dry. Build up your salad with tearing the lettuce in different sized bits and mixing them together with the rocket and prepared cucumber. Flake the tuna chunks and place it evenly all over the bowl. Top with spring onions and then the corriander. Sprinkle the peanuts and chili flakes and at last pour the dressing over. Now simply dive in. For veggie version, omit the tuna and add grilled pieces of tofu or mushrooms.

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I love tuna salade anyway but never thought of using a asain dressing, I love that idea will give it a try .

Asian themed salads are my favorite and this tuna salad’s just lovely!!!! Thanks for linking to my blog! It was really nice meeting you at the IFBA 2013 🙂

omg this looks great, i love tuna salad, check this site out sells pizza crust you can make a tuna salad on a crust

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I can not wait to finish my work today and go home to try this recipe. It look so good and yummy. Nice dish. Thank you for this new idea about simple and healthy meal.

I love tuna very much, Omg, it looks great. I can’t stop thinking about that tuna salad.
Thank you very much

Its looks great.. I love it…

“Absolutely loved the ‘Tuna Salad with your favourite Asian dressing’ recipe.
I would just recommend you 1 thing:
you could suggest some alternative ingredients if some of the above mentioned ones are not available.
You can check out more Simple recipes here.”


🙂 Hope you give it a try.


Hey Borisa, this salad is indeed a star … you must give it a go


Hey Frank, coming to think of it, this will taste great on a crust too !


Hey Samina, it was lovely seeing you too.


Hey Kajal…..you are right, The salad is like Star Wars:)….keep as with some new and delicious recipes

I love salads! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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