Spinach & Dill Buckwheat Pancakes

Now I would’ve never dreamt of having Buckwheat, hadn’t I gotten all crazy about eating healthy. The good thing about going on diets is you try using new ingredients which you wouldn’t otherwise look at. And then you’d want to kick yourself in the head for not having tried it earlier, as its genuinely delicious. Who says healthy food is boring ?!? All you need is a little imagination. I tried buckwheat the sweet way, but it didn’t work for me, but when I tried this combination out … OMG I instantly knew this one is going to be around for a while. I choose to put some greens in, the best way to ensure you get your veggies for the day and a tablespoon of my fresh homemade mustard. The pancakes turned out quiet light n fluffy, they have a nutty flavor – thanks to the buckwheat, and a hint of the spinach n freshness of the dill, a gentle punch from the mustard and very healthy all of it – not to mention. Served with the Feta Cheese, this easily makes a fantastic meal, which is ready in a matter of minutes. If you’ve never tried making pancakes from scratch, you needn’t worry one bit, trust me when I tell you – its is as easy as ABC.

Spinach & Dill Buckwheat Pancakes 3

Spinach & Dill buckwheat Pancakes 2

Spinach & Dill Buckwheat Pancakes Recipe

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Scrumptious pancakes and beautiful pictures!

Happy Holidays!




Hey Rosa, Thank you and wishing you a joyous holiday season 🙂 xx

These are SUCH a beautiful color… definitely will try this out!

I am crazy about pancakes and adore buckwheat crepes. But I have never thought of adding spinach – must give it a try!

[…] The recipe is very flexible and you can tweak it to suit your diet or ingredients available at home. Play with different flours, try anything from regular milk to nut or coconut milk, anything you like, top with choice of fruits, the options are endless. I quite love the combination of flavours of this. Homemade hung curd is delicious as its thick and creamy, you can also try greek yogurt as its easier, straight out of a tub. So these are great for breast, cuz they’re almost like a delicious dessert, they are stunning to serve at a brunch for family and friends, and if you have some left over they stay overnight and perfect for a midnight snack too. If you are looking for a savoury pancake click here. […]

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