BBQ Chicken Salad 1. It’s BBQ week! Which makes it the perfect excuse to bring out and fire up your barbi if you haven’t in a while. Invite your friends and get your family together – the weather is ideal and what could be more alluring than great barbecued food, chilled beers and quality time with loved ones? picstitch I’m quite certain that we all have such wonderful experiences around the BBQ & tons of interesting tales to tell. Barbecuing is so much fun – besides the being out in the open and enjoying the sunshine, it involves everyone in the process and not the mention the food is… erm… smokin’!! I cannot remember a time we’ve not had a blast, whenever we’ve done a BBQ. We’ve burned food, we’ve clumsily dropped the food and we’ve argued endlessly over technique. Nevertheless, we’ve made some amazingly succulent kebabs and grilled whole fish and whole lot of other things. Above all we’ve made some amazing memories of great times spent together.

Here’s a video, which my husband and I shot recently for “The Urban Cook Show” on Zee Khana Khazana Channel. We’re making some lovely Grilled Nigerian Lamb Kebabs called “Suya” and sharing a few stories of our lives.

BBQ Chicken Salad

And going back to the recipe of the day … Tandoori Chicken is one of the easiest things to throw on the grill. A simple marinade of lime juice + salt for 30 mins and then, ginger garlic paste + minced green chills + red food color + tandoori spice mix. Marinate overnight and simply slather some ghee on top and grill it. Now those taste fabulous once grilled through, with that smokey, earthy flavour and spices kicking in, but if you have some leftovers, there is another brilliant thing you can do with them… A refreshing, crunchy, zingy salad! To make this a little interesting and more over ‘cuz I love a little crunch in my salad, I’ve made crispy chapatti strips. Given there’s no oil in this extremely healthy salad, I could afford to indulge a wee bit. It’s quite simple actually, you could substitute with whole wheat tortillas if you don’t make chapattis/rotis at home. Fancy doing something a bit more experimental with your BBQ? We came across this post which we thought had some great recipes to try out ! BBQ Chicken Salad 2 Ingredients

3-4 Grilled Tandoori drumsticks / or any BBQ’ed meat – shredded of the bone

Nappa Cabbage/Chinese cabbage – roughly chopped

Iceberg Lettuce – roughly chopped

Small head of Purple Lettuce – finely sliced 1 large

Lebanese Cucumber – cut into half moons

Corriander – roughly chopped

2 regular Chapatti’s / 1 large tortilla

oil for deep frying

For The Dressing

1/2 an onion

1 green pepper

1 green chill (or more as per your taste) juice of

1 lime salt to taste a tiny pinch of sugar (optional)

To set up the salad, simply mix all the top ingredients in a bowl, leaving the chapattis and oil. Toss together and mix well. Cover and chill in the fridge till ready to use. For the dressing, simply blend all the ingredients together, with a little water, to form a smooth runny dressing. For the chapatti strips, roll very thin rot is and the cut then into fine strips. Drop in hot oil, and deep fry till golden brown and crispy. Drain of kitchen paper and store in airtight container. When ready to serve, toss the salad in a little of the dressing, add a little of the crushed crispy strips, and mount up on a serving plate. Top with some more crisps and serve the extra dressing.

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Hey Kajal, Thanks for sharing the video! It was good to see (and hear) you after all these years of following your blog. We are clearly seeing the makings of India’s own Nigella Lawson? 🙂

I have to also compliment you on your lovely home. Assuming that was not a studio set, it was as tastefully appointed as I would have expected knowing your aesthetic sense. Take care!


Hey Shantanu ! Glad you enjoyed the video 🙂 but still far far far away from the domestic goddess :-p … haha, and that is a studio … a lovely one that too 🙂 Thank You !!

A wonderful salad! So fresh, crunchy, colorful and delicious.



Great salad and very healthy too!

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