Chocolate Mint Bundt 1 Cooking is so much easier than writing. There isn’t always a story to tell, and there’s absolutely no point talking about random stuff, when you’d just rather share a really really good recipe. Specially when you’re revisiting an old one, and adding on to it. Like this stunning chocolate bundt. Its my go to recipe for a moist good crumbed cake, one that will always work and you could put it in any baking tin, and it will turn out beautifully. All I did change was the ganache. Chocolate Mint Bundt Ive always been a sucker for chocolate mint, and one of my most favorite flavors at the ice cream parlor is still “Chocolate Chip Mint ” and not to mention the very commercial “After Eight Chocolate “. I happened to have some really good mint extract and thats what I added to my ganache. Now when you look at that cake, you cannot really think there’s something unexpected in there, but when you take a bite of that slice, boom !! The mint kicks in, livening up your taste buds and giving that lovely contrast to the rich comforting cake. Chocolate Mint Bundt 2  The Cake is really simple, and like I always say, the simplest of things are the most beautiful and delicious. I let my son (4 n1/2 yrs old ) decorate the cake. Its his second most favourite thing to do, the fist being liking the batter of course 🙂

The Recipe for the Bundt is here : Chocolate Cake Recipe

The Recipe for the Ganache is here : Chocolate Mint Bombs , turns out they make great truffles too.

Just when you’re akin the ganache, as soon as you’ve mixed all the ingredients, rest it for 5 ins at room temperature and pour it immediately over the bunt.

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Comment :


is it just me, or does the link to the chocolate cake recipe not work? wah!


Hello Lizzi, the links working now, don’t know what went wrong earlier. Sorry about that.


Hi, that bundt cake looks amazing!! I want to make it for xmas, but the links direct to two different sites for other recipes.. could you please send me the correct link? or just copy paste the recipe in an email?

Many thanks, can’t wait to make it! 🙂


Hello Sara, I’m surprised the link does not open up for you, i just checked and they work fine,
However here they are again …
Merry Christmas 🙂


im confused cause- the furst link is for a chocolate cakr w frosting.. And the second is for truffles.. So am i right to presume the cake part of the first link is for the cake in this recipie and the choc ganache is from the truffle recipie except you dont harden it before otherwise they would be truffles? Lol Is there anyway you can just post everything in one section even in this page.. Im still confused..



Hey Sara, the first link, is the recipe for the cake. Use only the cake recipe for making the bundt.
The second link, is for the recipe of the Mint Ganache. You’ll need that recipe for drizzling that sexy ganache over your bundt. Just pour it over the bundt before it sets. Yep you got that bit right, as it hardens you could make truffles out of it.
I hope this is easier to understand 🙂


yea that clears things up! Would it be possible to make the bundt cake a day before then the chocolate ganache when ready to serve or a bit before serving? As the oven will be in use big time xmas day.. Cant wait to make!! 🙂


Sure you can make it ahead 🙂
Have a joyouy holiday season xx


ok, last questions.. if I make it before do i need to keep it in the fridge, or keep it out till day i serve? and in the cake recipie it says 2 eggs and 2 egg yolks, am i right to presume that meant (4 egg yolks, 2 egg whites?) or just 2 eggs? also it says to put the first ingredients in a mediu bowl, a regular bowl or one with a blade that mixes? and where i live heavy cream doesnt exist, what could i use as a supplement?, there is normal liquid cream.. sorry for all the questions, I just dont want to fail as i am making it for the first time and for xmas.. too bad i didnt come across it earlier! haha, happy holidays to you too Kajal! Cheers!

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