Chocolate Mint Bombs 1   Either you like mint or you don’t. I think there is something extremely seductive about biting into a delicate ball of chocolate goodness expecting nothing but rich cacao cream to envelope your taste buds, and as that happens, on comes the mint which travels to every corner of your mouth, making the presence of chocolate even stronger and as you swallow, it wakens up every pore on it way down. You’ll want to sit back, roll your eyes up and shut them, trying to savor every bit of it, and before you know it you’ll be reaching out for more.   Chocolate Mint Bombs 2 The idea is to make them small, so that its not to overpowering in one bite. Yet one mini bomb will not be enough and you will find it hard to resist, going on for another one.  I used this very sexy ganache over a delicious Chocolate Cake in my previous post. This recipe below was enough to drizzle all over the bundt and made a couple of truffles with the remaining Ganache. You could however use all of it, or reduce the quantity by half for a smaller quantity. Remember we are rolling them small, so you will end up with quite a few. Please do keep them refridgerated as they will get all melty if left outside. Chocolate Mint Bombs 3

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The truffles look amazing!!l! Beautifuly presented and photographed 🙂

Surely divine!



Chocolate and mint go so well together. I will give this delish recipe a try!


Hey Nandita & Rosa, Thank You !
Lindsay , you must !

ariha shah

Hey which brand did u use for cream and dark choco chip. Ur stuff is lovely!

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