Asian Spiced Tom Yam Cashew ButterHow often does a team that hasn’t won in a 132 years, playing the English Premier League at the odds of 5000 : 1 – win ?!!? This one has surely shocked millions across the globe and made thousands wish they had placed their bets on them. Think of all those blokes who bet a buck or two via Football Betting on Leicester City … they must’ve smiled their way to banks !

Shearer, who won the Premier League in 1995 with underdogs Blackburn, told BBC Sport: “For a team like Leicester to come and take the giants on with their wealth and experience – not only take them on but to beat them – I think it’s the biggest thing to happen in football.”

Now I don’t generally talk about sports on my blog, but there’s one thing in this that caught my fancy. Of course besides having a spectacular team, there was something else.
For those of you who don’t know, Leicester City is owned by this 58 year old Thai Businessman Vichai Raksriaksorn, who in 2010 bought the team for little under £40m. And after a series of lost matches, suddenly the team were doing great. A lot of people believe that Leicester’s win is good karma, or even a miracle, “Barely anyone had heard of Leicester City before this season, and all of a sudden they’ve snatched the Premier League cup.”Well it could be because about 10 monks from the Golden temple are flown to Britain for most home games by the club’s Thai owner to bless the players before the kick-off, and also to give spiritual guidance to the players, before spending the match deep in meditation in a specially designated room at Leicester City’s King Power stadium.
Prawn Tom Yam Nut Butter Sandwich

Now thats something ! I guess its the Thai connection .
.. and speaking of Thai … my foodie mind keeps running to their amazing flavours. Currently I’m all obsessed with nut butters and this would be the perfect time to share my favourite new Savoury Nut butter recipe.

Now not all nut butters have to be sweet. I think they taste equally good salty, spicy and zingy – perfect to satisfy any savoury craving, while being healthy. And thats why keeping all these flavours in mind, I’ve made this utterly delicious Tom Yum flavoured Cashew Nut Butter. This nut butter is extremely easy to make ( I’m sure you read this line on most of my recipes ;)) and tastes amazing on almost everything. Add it to sandwiches, burgers, rice crackers, drizzle some on stir fried or steamed veggies or do just about anything you like with it.

Smoked Chicken Tom Yam Nut Butter Sandwich

 Tom Yum Cashew-nut Butter

  • 300 gms Roasted Cashew Nuts
  • Pink Himalayan sea sat to taste
  • 2 tsps red chilli powder ( spice intensity as per choice )
  • 3 tsps Tom Yum seasoning powder ( can find these at Asian supermarkets )

The key to making a good nut butter is roasting the nuts well. Roast the cashews in the oven for about 10-15 mins on 130 – 150 C till the nuts are a golden brown. The quality of nuts you use will highly determine the flavour of the butter. You will need a dry grinder for this. Simply add all the ingredients together and churn in intervals. First stage you will get powdered cashews, churn further and you will get lumps. Keep churning and you will see its starting to form a paste. Churn a little more and you will start to see a smooth butter. This process will need a little patience. Should take about 10 mins or so. Stop when you feel you’ve reached the desired consistency. Your butter is ready. No added oil or fat. Store in an airtight container.


For the Sandwiches 

  • Tom Yum Cashew-nut Butter
  • Mini Croissants
  • Boiled / Steamed prawns
  • Smoked Chicken breast
  • Sprouts of choice

So this is super easy. Slice up the croissants, generously spread the butter. Top with prawns or chicken, and then the sprouts. These delicious sandwiches are ready to eat.

Build up your own sandwich with anything you like. Add lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, firm tofu … just about anything.



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