Quick & Nutritious Broccoli Salad 1

What I love about this salad is the simplicity of it. The star ingredient being the Broccoli, which by now everyone knows is a Super Food , and should eat lots of. If you don’t already know why you should eat Broccoli, here’s where you could read up. Trick is not to over cook it. I do like a crunch in my vegetable and it also retains most of its nutrients that way. Toss it with some purple cabbage and almonds, and bring this all to life with this amazing creamy and spicy dressing. Tahini, Miso paste, Orange Juice are all such fabulous flavours and taste so good over these veggies.The dressing is absolutely necessary as Broccoli is quite bland, and if not you would just feel like a cow chewing up some green salad. You could jazz up the salad by adding more veggies and proteins to it, but like i said I love how with just 3 ingredients you can have such a delicious wholesome and filling salad. Its great to pack in a lunchbox and carry to work too. Just carry the dressing in a separate box and you’re good to go.

Quick & Nutritious Broccoli SaladIngredients

serves 1

1 heaped cup of Broccoli florets

1/2 cup shredded Purple Cabbage

1/4 cup Slivered Almonds

1 Red Chilli – finely sliced

1 tsp Sesame seeds

For the dressing

1 fat clove of Garlic chopped

1 tsp Miso Paste

2 tbsp Tahini

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1/2 Orange – Juice squeesed

2-3 tbsp water
Quick & Nutritious Broccoli Salad

Start cutting the broccoli in small florets. Blanch the florets in hot water for five mins. Strain and run through cold water.

Slice the purple cabbage finely and chop up the almonds.

Mix together with the Broccoli and set aside

For the dressing, mix everything together , drizzle over and toss the salad.

Garnish with some chilli and sesame seeds.

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