With Oats I’ve always had a love and hate relationship. There are times when I lean more towards making them simple in just water and cinnamon, topped with honey and nuts or then maybe just a jar of chilled overnight oats. What I used to detest was, when I was introduced to porridge, it was prepared in regular milk with cardamon and sugar. Sweet and heavy as hell ! Couldn’t eat more than a couple of spoons and so I turned away from it for many years. But later, after trying them out a couple of different ways, I think I have found one that will stay, besides of course my Homemade Granola ( that is a staple in my kitchen ). These oats take – trust me when I say this – barely take any time to make. Just the perfect bowl of warm comforting breakfast on a cold day. I do not sweeten the oats while cooking them, as I feel they do have a natural sweetness to them as does the almond milk. Besides the fruit compote, fresh fruits and a drizzle of honey (optional) more than makes up for it.


Serves 1

3-4 tbsp of Quaker Oats

300 ml Almond Milk ( I used homemade )

4-5 Strawberries

1 tsp sugar


Honey ( optional ) ( Vegan Option – Maple Syrup )

Sunflower Seeds

Chia Seeds


In a small pot, slice the strawberries into 4 pcs each. Sprinkle with Sugar and 2 tsps of water. Heat gently till the strawberries soften and you get a rick red syrup running along the sides. Turn off the heat, making sure you don’t over cook the strawberries. Set aside.

In a another pot, take the oats and almond milk and bring to boil. I think you can cook these for 3-4 mins if you’re using the regular oats. Don’t want them too dry or too runny. Serve immediately in a bowl. Add milk if you need to or boil it a little more till you need the right consistency. Top with the strawberry compote, fresh blueberries and seeds. Drizzle with honey and dig in immediately .

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