Chocolate mousse I something I adore, only if correctly made. I’ve never been a fan of it made with cream or set in gelatine, but rather prefer a  simple yet rich dark chocolate mousse made with whipped egg whites. It’s been my go to recipe for years, light, airy, rich in chocolate and maybe sometimes spiked with a little booze. My vegetarian friends always asked me to make the same for them only eggless and I would be .. hmmm sorry I can’t do it. A few years ago I would’ve never imagined I could achieve the same – texture, flavour, body  – in fact you can’t tell the difference kind of – vegan version !

What makes it possible is Aquafaba. Now don’t get all nervous hearing that, you will hardly believe me when I tell you its chickpea water. I prefer homemade to using the water as compared to the water from can. Although the latter would be an easy option, I just feel homemade is better as no brine and no preservatives. All you have to do for one cup of chickpea water – is soak the chickpeas overnight in water. Next day pressure cook in 2-3 cups of water till soft. Drain the water. Now we need to make sure the water is not to runny but should be viscous & thick. If you feel the need to boil it down a little to achieve the right consistency please do so. Once done, cool completely and chill a little as that would be best to whip it up. When ready to use, simply whip up in stand mixer or with a hand held machine. They will reach the white frothy soft peak stage in about 6 minutes. It won’t firm up like egg whites, but even a soft peak stage is fantastic. Imagine all the dishes you can now make with this substitute. The rest of the recipe is fairy simple.

  • I cannot emphasise enough on using good quality chocolate. There is nothing else to this dessert, so what you make it with will either make it shine or just ruin it.
  • If you’re using a sweetened chocolate, please reduce the quantity of maple syrup or adjust to taste
  • Chill the chickpea water before you whip it
  • Almost everything tastes good with a little Maldon Sea Salt
  • You do not get any chickpea flavour what so ever in the dessert



1 cup of Aquafaba ( method mentioned above )

1 cup chopped good quality dark chocolate

2 tbsp Maple syrup or sweeter of your choice

In a bain marie melt the chocolate ( or microwave it ) till melted and smooth. Add the maple syrup/ sweetener. Set aside to cool a little

Meanwhile whip up the aquafaba till soft peak stage – about 6 minutes. Now very gently first fold in one big scoop of the foam, in the chocolate with circle and cut movement. Once the chocolate has loosed a bit and foam incorporated, fold the rest of it together gently and pour into serving containers. Cover and set in the fridge. About 2 hours is more than enough and this stay for upto 2 days in the fridge. When serving top with sea salt , cocoa nibs, you could add fruits or almost anything your heart desires.


Recipe Credit : The very talented Vanilla Crunnch 


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Comment :


Can you name a few brands of good quality chocolate?


Hello Nirmiti,
If you’re based in Mumbai,I would suggest you don’t use chocolate compounds and the regular cooking chocolates available here. You could try these big supermarkets or stores that stock imported chocolates, and opt for any of the 60% / 70% dark chocolates available. I usually pick up a lot of good quality chocolate when I travel, so different local brands from every place. Hope this helps.

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