Chocolate mousse is one of those desserts that never fails you. It’s effortless yet glamorous and full on taste. A good quality chocolate is really the hero here. Followed by the flavour you choose to add to it. This is my no fail – go to recipe everytime. I’ve done many versions of this in the past and half a day is enough to set it. I’ve done boozy ones – with Scotch, Cointreau, Amaretto, Coffee liqueur, Sambuca ( Anise liqueur), Creme de Mente … I mean they’re all so good I cannot pick a favourite. And then the non boozy ones with Caramel, Espresso, with Praline, After Eight mints and so on.

This time we have here some Espresso Dark Chocolate Mousse pots. Simple and it hits the spot. Made them on the weekend and as always I made more of these to go around. The best part is, I even had one for breakfast today. 

Like I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts I like my mousse dark, non cream and non gelatin based. It’s much nicer that way, as you know then it’s only the good stuff you’re getting in. This recipe works flawlessly everytime and I’ve been going to it for over 10 years now. These are egg based but I do have the same in a Vegan version here. This recipe works beautifully when set in bowls and pots. Incase you wish to use it in a cake this may not work. As its delicate and may not take the weight of layers. That would call for a slight modification which I will discuss in another post.

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Chocolate Mousse


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