When you open a Drinks Menu at a restaurant or bar, you’d probably get 5 to 6 pages of options for Wines, Champagnes, Whiskeys, Vodka, Rum, Gin etc. You’d get 2 full page sides of options for Cocktails too … but when you come to the non alcoholic Mocktail section you’d probably get 4-5 options only, all of which will be loaded with sugar. The rest would be just Sodas and canned juices.

Like seriously why ? Do you how infuriating it is to go a nice place and see the Menu that screams out, we don’t care for you if your don’t drink alcohol. Its not fair, ‘cuz the cocktails and cocktails have pretty much the same price, then why the lack of love for the non alcoholic customer. We’re happy to pay, just give a good drink that doesn’t kill us. A little effort and little creativity thats all it takes. 99% of the times I have to request them to make me a drink of choice, ask them if they have fresh fruit, if they have some spices, some herbs, can they muddle it together, add some sparkling water …. I mean its that easy ! Why not just create a Menu for nice low calorie Mocktails.

So heres a big shot out to all Restaurant and Bar owners. Show us some love, make a good Mocktail Menu … the healthy kind and I promise you, people will oder instead of opting for bottle water.

For my sake I’m easy to please. Like look at this gorgeous Grapefruit. Bitter Sweet, and bursting with citrusy juice. Healthy to the core and divine to look it. Muddle it with come Rosemary add some Sparkling Mineral Water and you have a irresistible Mocktail. Its really that simple.



  • 2 Juicy Grapefruits
  • 3-4 Sprigs of Rosemary
  • Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Ice

Half the Grapefruits and squeeze them on a hand juicer. You want to get all the flesh bits, atleast I love the texture in there. You can strain it if you like. If you grapefruits are not sweet and more on the bitter side, then you can add a wee bit of natural sweetener. Muddle it in a pourer with some rosemary and pour out into the serving glass. Top with ice and Sparkling water. Slip in a spring of Rosemary and a slice of Grapefruits and serve.

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