If you are one of those kind who is constantly hungry then you’re just like me. I really wish I wasn’t perpetually looking for something to eat, but the fact is I am. It does result in a lot mindless eating, which is why it is good to plan a little. I’ll tell you a secret, I’ve put up a list of healthy snacking combinations on my fridge. Not because I don’t know what needs to be done, but its more like a little reminder right before your eyes, so that you don’t get tempted and go for the wrong things. Having said that, I still give in to temptations , but then I do mange to get some good stuff in too.


So eating healthy doesn’t always mean eating nuts and leaves. Its good to mix it up a little, its good to try different ingredients and combinations. Its good to raid your larder and use things up ! Who knows you’ll come up with interesting new combinations. I’ve said this before and will always keep repeating this – Buy healthy and fresh ingredients to stock up. If you have the right things lying around the kitchen, you will end up eating the right things. For this snack here, I have to admit, I’m going through a bit of a grapefruit phase. I’m a sucker for grapefruits and am adding them to everything these days. Thats also because in my city, we do not get these grapefruits easily, so when you get a good import you make the most of it. Theres nothing to this recipe really – I’ve combined them with some sweet roasted Spanish pimentos, some Goats cheese and Alfalfa sprouts over a healthy baked Finger Millet (Nachni / Ragi) crackers. I love how this combination works with the crisp cracker to sweet pepper with creamy cheese, refreshing sprouts and bitter sweet grapefruit. I dont find the need to season with salt and pepper or dress it, but you could if you need to.


  • Finger Millet Crackers – or any healthy crackers of your choice
  • Semi soft Goats Cheese
  • Roasted Peppers
  • Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Grapefruit Segments

This ones super easy. Place the cracker right at the bottom, top with some alfalfa, then the goats cheese, followed by some peppers and topped with the grapefruits. Thats it. Simple and easy yet you have all textures and flavours packed into it.


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