I am so stoked to announce this wonderful collaboration with Summiya and Mitali of House Of Misu the most beautiful, girls with the most wonderful hearts. Top notch fashion influencers and so good at what they do. We decided to come together to bring you some lip smacking recipes. Stay tuned for recipes to come over the next couple of months.

Bringing to you today is a wonderful Chewy Oats Nutella Cookie


 The recipe for these delicious cookies are linked – Here


It does involve making your own Nutella Chips, and do make note, they will not harden fully due to the higher palm oil content in nutella. But if you work fast enough with it in a cool room, you should be able to fold the chips in to the oat mix.


These do not require to be chilled before baking so you can immediately scoop out equal portions on a silat mat and get them directly into the oven.

Depending on your oven and how chewy / crispy you like the  you can play with the cooking time fro 15 – 20 mins. I would recommend try 15 first, and then on cooling if you feel you need them a a tad bit more crisp, re bake them for 5 mins and you should be good to go.

The recipe details for the the cookies are


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