Who doesn’t love a bright happy and healthy breakfast ! Loaded with nutrients and a treat for the eyes. I am back, bringing you a Berry Yogurt Bowl with House Of Misu. I have to say it is so much fun creating recipes for Summiya and Mitali, the Mi – Su girls. And we do believe Fashion & Food both go hand in hand.

Like we spend a good deal of our time on Fashion and how we look, our makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, bags, our fitness, the way our body looks  … I believe we need to spend that time and energy on food too. Because essentially nothing really matters if you are not healthy and happy from within. You need to start at the root level.

Eating right is so important I cannot emphasise enough. The energy you get from what you eat, how your body accepts that food and helps you function is really what you should be paying attention to. So I feel its not just eating things that are healthy that matter, its how you eat it too. Sit on your table, don’t have any TV or phones on. Look at your food, appreciate it, enjoy the flavours in every bite, relish what you’re eating, chew and be thankful for it. Be Present, be Mindful.  Do that and you’ve just increased your absorption rate by a 100% ! So not only did you eat a healthy meal, but your body received all the benefits from it too.

Breakfast is most certainly my most favourite meal of the day. These days I’ve bene doing two breakfasts. Since I workout in the morning, I do one early morning, pre workout breakfast and one post workout. I’ll share more on that in another post. But this one sure ticks the pre workout brekky box.


I mean just how gorgeous does that bowl look. If your Vegan/Dairy Free, I’d just substitute it with some plant based milk. Still get all the benefits from those stunning ruby reds. If you do love Yogurt, then the Epigama Greek Yogurt is best. Top that with some of your favourite granola and you have yourself a healthy anytime snack in minutes.

You can hop over to House of Misu for the Recipe.




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