Growing up with our parents, we used to get a lot of milk shakes. Milkshakes were the thing –  Banana Milkshake, Mango Milkshake, Chikoo Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake … I mean everything milkshake ! And it used to always be so disappointing for me, as I didn’t really like milk, I would get tempted by the delicious shake, but would be so bloated after having one. And so I’d steer clear from them. Obviously it never occurred to anyone that I might be intolerant to it, since I never got a severe reaction, I guess it was overlooked. Growing up it’s good being your own boss and not having things forced down your throat, and being more present to your body and it’s needs and doing what you think is right for yourself. Read more if you like to try different diets.

 And now I just make everything in Almond Milk. I used to have a lot of Soy milk when I lived in Hong Kong, but now with time I realised that Soy wasn’t the best thing for my hormones. Besides it does alter the taste of stuff so I left that behind too. Almond milk is my favourite. I make it fresh at home, its best quality, its simple and delicious. Strawberries are finally here, and it was about time I put these two together. This one turned out so good, I now have small serve bottles ready in the fridge to pick for my 4-5pm hunger pang.


So the recipe is pretty general,

First we Macerate the Strawberries …

Take a couple of sweet and ripe Strawberries about 10-12 of ’em, wash, clean and halve.

Take a small pot, place the strawberries in it, pour in a little swig of Maple Syrup ( a tiny bit is enough. )

Turn on the flame and let it simmer on slow for about 10 mins.

The strawberries would’ve gone mush and there would a thick syrup around.

Cool and in small blender, give it a little whizz. You dont want to blend it smooth, it is nice to have a little texture.

Add a little water to thin it out.

When you wish to have your Latte, simply pour the strawberry syrup in the glass, top with ice and pour in some almond milk.

Voila ! A refreshing super healthy drink.

Great for kids too !!!


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