Put your hands up, all those who NEED salad in their lives. I for one can tell you, that am really really addicted to salads. It could be just a small portion on the side, but I need to have that crunch, that chew, that freshness, that fibre and there obviously times, when I don’t get a chance to eat salads 2 -3 days in row, and my body just begins to feel sick. I miss them, I crave them and I never knew I could feel like this about salads. A salad just makes me Happy.  And together House of Misu n me, bring you yet another beautiful post.



This salad has everything I love in it. Lotus Root, Avocado, snow peas, some beautiful spinach noodles and whole lot of other veggies. Have those topped with a delicious soy dressing and you’ll be in happy place too.

For the whole recipe and ingredients click here

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