In general the fuss over food in Indian households is pretty high. I mean its rarely simple on the go kind of food. Its the whole spread. And if you were raised in my kind of a house, 80% of the conversations would be around food. You’d barely finish one meal, and the next one would be in discussion and probably the the one after that too. And I’m taking elaborate meals, never just a simple salad or a bowl or a wrap or a sandwich. That food was considered a snack or a part of the whole meal. Hahaha imagine the torture on the digestive system and is also the reason (I’m sorry to say) most of us are out of shape ! And just ‘cuz of that you’d see our moms slaving away in the kitchen all day long. I am very grateful for all of that, infact we have some of our best childhood memories aroud all of it, but I just feel that with current times, all the fuss is not necassary. Ocassional yes, but not in everyday routine.

One of the good things about growing up and being in charge of your own kitchen is that you get to decide the amount of effort you need to put into a meal. A healthy nutritional well balanced meal, could be easy over slogging for hours cooking extra food that is not even required for your body. My dad would call me lazy haha but I’d beg to differ. I’d call it smart. Like this sandwich … 5 mins to prepare even lesser if you’re fast in the kitchen. Chose to prepare this today as we’re suffereing a terrible heat wave in my city and eating a large meal is unimaginable. A refreshing cold sandwich with some chilled coconut water is soul food right now. This ones meatless, but if you like your meat you can add some slices of leftover grilled chicken or anything you have at hand to it. I’ve used a lovely herbed glutenfree bread and filled it with all things nice. What amazing is this stays well too, so I made a couple of extra, wrapped them up and carried them as a snack for my sister who I was seeing later.


I have’nt listed the amount, as its pretty simple to put togther.

  • Butter Crisp Lettuce
  • Microgreens
  • Lebanese Cucumber
  • Feta Cheese
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Avocado
  • Dried Mint
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Gluten Free Bread


Start with making the spread for the sandwich. In a bowl crumble the feta cheese. you ration for the greek yogurt to feta chuuse should be 3 tbsp feta : 2 tbsp greel yogurt. And then you multiply to as much quantity you need. Season with dried mint and pepper. You may not need to add salt to it as the feta would be salty.

Now for the sandwich, simply place the lettuce on the slice of bread first, then the sliced cucumbers and then the avocados. As this stage season with some salt and pepper and then add the microgreens.

On the top slice of the bread, spread generously the feta spread and cover the sanwich. Slice in half and serve with a chilled beverage.

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