Mumbai Style Keema-Pav

” Pav ” – Its not your fancy posh bread, but its what feeds millions of Mumbai-ites. Pav is a local basic white bread. But trust me when I say this, there is nothing quite like it out there. Knead to a soft … Readmore +

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Mumbai Masala Chai

You must admit that some things just taste  so much better when had from and on the streets. Chai definitely classifies as one of them. The masala chai served at Starbucks would loose hands-down compared to the Chai from the … Readmore +

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Gola Sherbet & Prize Giveaway

Gola Sherbet is by far the most fun Mumbai street food and my one of my favourites. Its nothing but shaved ice on a stick with a glass of sherbet to dip it in and suck on. These ices are … Readmore +

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Mumbai …

… as its being called lately, though i still prefer the good ole “Bombay”. Its a city of life, a melting pot of all the different religions and castes of India, a city of many foods and of course Bollywood. … Readmore +

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