Matcha Pancakes with Tropical Fruits

AAPPLEMINT X MISU Pancakes I mean who doesn’t love pancakes !?! Big pancakes, small ones ! Sweet pancakes and oh my – savoury ones ! I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of things you can do with … Readmore +

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Papaya Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

  We are all metabolically different. No one diet can work the same way for everyone. Some people do fine on five to six smaller meals per day. Some just need three meals a day. Some get on by two. … Readmore +

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Tropical Nicecream Smoothie

I’m only just back from my holiday in Bali, and all I can think of is running back to the beach and lazing my summer away. With temperatures in Mumbai soaring to 41C and high humidity it is pretty difficult … Readmore +

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Readmore Pineapple-Fried-Rice

Tropical Pineapple Rice

One of the great things in Ghana is the Sunshine. Not only in the skies, but on everyone’s faces.  If you haven’t already heard this … Ghanaian’s are amongst the friendliest in all African countries. But Ghana is also very … Readmore +

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